THE ORIGINAL! Will Phone Records & Intercepted Calls Of Trump’s Inner Circle & Russians Be Released?

Incriminating evidence from reliable sources is coming to The Trump Russia collusion scandal. It may come in the form of the release of transcripts of redacted phone or email records obtained via intercept by the United States Intelligence Community. Trump has boasted that there is still no evidence of his collusion with Putin’s Russia after one year of scrutiny by The FBI. Yet, the Intelligence Community may have the evidence in a form that could reveal sources and methods. If so, they will not quickly share the information with the public to protect lives and modes of operation.

However, when it becomes clear that the only way to remove a Russian agent from America’s Presidency is to risk revealing highly sensitive information in redacted form, for the sake of the Motherland, the Intel Community may do it.

Also tonight, there is another huge scandal that has been obscured by the massive Trump Russia collusion saga. There is open source information that reveals Russian Military Intelligence via Guccifer 2.0 released to at least one Republican Consultant, hacked documents belonging to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. A GOP Consultant in Florida named Aaron Nevins intentionally interacted with Guccifer 2.0 in order to get documents detailing the Democratic Party’s get out the vote plan for Florida. There was information about who and where “soft” Democrats were in the state. Soft Democrats are potentially sway-able if exposed to the right kinds of propaganda or psyops. Guccifer 2.0 also released DCCC documents for the states of New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Pennsylvania based on open source information.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me there are 24 Trumps in the House of Representatives. A “Trump” is a person who was elected with help from Russia and knew it. When the House voted recently to harden Russian sanctions, only 422 members voted. Thirteen members did not vote on the legislation. I find this interesting given the high profile of the legislation and the patriotic overtones that accompanied it.

Stay tuned. Pray without ceasing to the only one listening, King Jesus Christ. Pray for America to return to Christ quickly. Judgment is upon the land.

THE ORIGINAL! A Reliable Source Is Going To Leak An Incriminating Tape Recording of Trump!

Over the weekend, The Lord Jesus revealed to me a tape recording of Trump has been concealed, but not for much longer.  A reliable source is about to leak an incriminating tape recording of Trump and or his current or former aides.  They are not going to conceal the tape recording any longer.  At some point America will be forced to Repeal and Replace the entire Trump administration because of collusion with Putin which in this instance was election fraud.  Stay Tuned and Pray to Jesus Only to Save America.

THE ORIGINAL! Can An Illegitimately Elected President Pardon Anyone? No! Election Fraud!

Beloved, I confess I am not a lawyer.  I am a preacher of righteousness and a chemical engineer.  I don’t know the law in great detail.  I can’t defend you in court.  However, I do have common sense, and at the age of 54 years (next month) I discern from whatever understanding of the law I have that a fraudulently elected president can not pardon anyone, because he is illegitimate.  He does not have lawful authority to reign as president over America because of election fraud.

Beloved, listen, Christ Jesus, The King of Heaven and earth told a nobody like me that Trump colluded with Putin’s Russia to get elected in 2016. Therefore I boldly assert like many House Democrats, that Trump is illegitimate.  I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican.  I am a Christian.  I am aligned with King Jesus politically.  Whatever judgment Christ gives on an issue becomes my position on that issue.  Nevertheless, House Democrats that boycotted Trump’s inauguration were correct. Trump is illegitimate.  He is a bastard president.  An abortion of a president.  Therefore, I conclude, until advised otherwise by a competent fair-minded lawyer, Trump can not pardon anyone for any reason especially for colluding with Russia to defraud the American electorate in 2016. Enough said.


THE ORIGINAL! US Republican Senators to Overlook Trump’s Collusion with Putin during his Campaign! (First Published On February 20, 2017)

Republican Congresspersons still are holding on to Trump is a increasingly shameful display of partisanship.  America must shift from partisanship to patriotism during this unprecedented season.  Trump will take down the Republican Party if this continues.  Trump will heap shame on the Evangelical Right if patriotism does not surmount partisanship.  The conservative media will fall miserably if they continue to be so grossly partisan. SMH.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump To Collude With Putin At G20 As State Department Falls!

In spite of Trump receiving great help from Putin to get himself elected in 2016, and despite the fact Russia is boldly trying to overthrow Democracies everywhere, especially America, Trump plans to seek help from America’s number one global enemy to fight Islamic terrorists. Terrorist who are supported by Russia, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia in their quest to overthrow, among other things, democratic nations. Undoubtedly such foolishness is rooted in the financial support Russia has provided for Trump in the last twenty years or so. The Lord Jesus told me Trump’s weaknesses include sex and money. It’s not hard to see. Stay tuned and pray without ceasing to King Jesus.

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Early Plans To Serve Putin & Russia Did Not Come To Fruition!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me a week or two before the November 8, 2016 election, Hillary Rodham Clinton has pure grace to be the president of the United States.  Pure grace means pure unmerited favor from Christ in spite of her shortcomings.   On the other hand, Trump has not favor with Christ to reign.  As a result, Trump will not be allowed to succeed.  Trump and Putin stole the election with Russian active measures.

Christ said to his disciples in John 15:5 in the King James Version,  “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”   Also, James 4:6 reads,  “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” Therefore the proud and arrogant usurper Donald Trump will not be able to get anything done because Christ is resisting him.  In fact, Christ is resisting the Republican Party.  Stay tuned and pray without ceasing.

THE ORIGINAL! Republicans go SOFT on Russia w/ respect to Ukraine for Trump Campaign!

It has become apparent that the Republicans are not going to do the right thing about Trump’s Collusion with Vladimir Putin to help Trump get elected. The Republicans want to hold on to the White House because of the legislative opportunities. This policy is going to be a cause of disgrace for Republicans as more shocking revelations of Trump’s collusion with Putin come out.