I am beginning to understand the foundational issue in the Russian Cyber Coup of America’s 2016 Presidential and Congressional Elections. It was psyops or psychological operations perpetrated against the American electorate. Enemy propaganda invaded America in 2016 and was welcomed by some. It is a sign of a new day in America where truth and the lie are getting hard to differentiate.

America fell down in 2016 because we have forsaken our support system. The Lord Jesus Christ is The King of The Nations. Nations from the beginning of nationhood have prospered or failed based on their relationship with God, The Father of Jesus Christ. America has never been a perfect nation, but the American people generally respected God in Christ in the early days of our nation. Apparently our reverence for Christ as a nation began to erode about three generations or 120 years ago. There was a departure from founding our nation on Biblical guidance. Slowly but surely, unbelievers within government and the business community began to steer the culture away from Christ’s teachings. Alternative belief systems began to gain acceptance among influential people. America began to fall.

In February 2015, The Lord Jesus told me America was going to fall. I struggled to believe it until it happened. In June 2015, homosexual marriage became legal in America, a sign that the fall of America was surely coming. After all, the Holy Christian Bible clearly declares God’s judgment concerning homosexuality. It’s not that God hates people with same sex attractions, it’s that He wants to heal their sin sick souls. Not just homosexuals, but all types of sinners. Yet people have to accept the terms of the covenant with God to have access to spiritual healing, which in our generation is faith, trust and obedience to Christ. Sadly, most people don’t want Christ to rule over them or are totally ignorant about Him. Many don’t want to conform to Christ’s righteous requirements for human society.

So about 120 years ago American society began to throw off the yoke of Christ so we could establish our own way of life. Social engineers went to work without the consent of the American people. The Christian Church and religion in general became the enemy in due time. Secularism which is satanic in nature replaced faith, brotherly love, benevolence and worship of God in Christ. More and more people began to confessed doubt that Christ and His Father were even real. Today, it offends many if you mention the name of Jesus, let alone demand adherence to His righteous requirements for human society.

Christ has repeatedly reached out to America to cause the nation to return to Him. In the last twenty years we have seen more pronounced signs that Christ has exhausted His patience with the land. September 11, 2001 was a sign that there was a hole in America’s hedge of protection, provided by Christ. Never before had an enemy struck our mainland in such a grand and humiliating way. Yet, America as a nation did not return to Christ to reestablish the hedge. Instead we have progressively distanced ourselves from The Sovereign Lord. Homosexual marriage broke through in America by 2004 in Massachusetts. Christ condemns homosexuality as well as adultery and all forms of fornication or sexual immorality . His judgments never change. His judgments are not solely for the tribes of Israel, but for humanity in general. Israel was the nation chosen to reveal God’s judgments to the world. They did not keep them though.

The stock market crashed in 2001 and 2008, yet American did not return to Christ who provides prosperity for the nations. The safety of the American marketplace has degraded beginning with marketplace massacres like Columbine High School and Virginia Tech. In 2017 we are no longer shocked by massacres in the American marketplace. I am old enough to recall an America that was more secure with respect to such incidents. America has experienced marketplace atrocities like Sandy Hook Elementary, Aurora, Colorado, Fort Hood, Texas and Orlando, Florida. Yet we have not returned to Christ as a nation.

America’s stance before Christ looks proud from His perspective. We have committed two sins. We have forsaken Christ’s prescribed way of life as a society and we have persistently refused to return to Him even as we see the decaying of our nation. The elders in America know something is wrong. Things are not going well for the nation. Economic stagnation, drugs, crime, corruption, racism, sexist, elitism, government impotence and the like. Yet the culture refuses to return to Christ. The distance many have fallen from Christ makes returning to Christ a hidden option.

So America has fallen. We have fallen into the hands of Christ for judgment and for restoration. Judgment of the gods of America and restoration to Christ for those who are willing. Christ began to pour out His spirit upon America in December 2015. He intends to have America back. Perhaps the first American god to fall is our government, who we have looked to over the years to perform the duty of God. Media as an institutions is being challenged because though it is largely “real news” it is proudly and abhorrently secular. Meaning there is not place for Christ in American media today with few exceptions. Public education is secular and has failed as a result of trying to prosper without Christ. Yet Christ told his disciple they could do nothing without Him. So American children are failing to receive education from a system that has rejected Christ. So the system has been rejected by Christ. The hope of our children outdoing their parents is dying or dead because we don’t want Christ to be apart of what we are doing. So He isn’t. Politicians that sincerely or insincerely proclaim faith and devotion to Christ are rejected today. In 2012, the Democratic party almost excluded God, in general, from their party’s platform. I watched in horror as party leaders forced God, in general, upon the delegation.

Look how far we have fallen from the days when American presidents. with all their shortcomings, were able to eloquently preach what amounted to a sermon when giving speeches to the nation. People like Abraham Lincoln who in times of great national turmoil waxed eloquent in the Holy Scriptures. Look how far we have fallen.

There is Hope. Christ has decide to be merciful to America. Trouble is necessary first though, so we can wake up and realize the root of the problem. The root of the problem is, we have forsaken to obey Christ’s commandments, to execute His judgments in the light of the New Covenant, to do justice in the marketplace and to keep His testimonies. We teach Evolution not Creation, etc. We are proud!

Please return America. Not to me or any human alive today. Return to Christ and He will heal our nation. After all, Psalms 9:17 says, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”


THE ORIGINAL! A Reliable Source Is Going To Leak An Incriminating Tape Recording of Trump!

Over the weekend, The Lord Jesus revealed to me a tape recording of Trump has been concealed, but not for much longer.  A reliable source is about to leak an incriminating tape recording of Trump and or his current or former aides.  They are not going to conceal the tape recording any longer.  At some point America will be forced to Repeal and Replace the entire Trump administration because of collusion with Putin which in this instance was election fraud.  Stay Tuned and Pray to Jesus Only to Save America.

THE ORIGINAL! King Jesus Caught Trump In A Net Called Trump Russia Collusion!

Beloved, The Lord Jesus Christ is a hunter. He hunts for souls who want to be saved, and He hunts the wicked of the earth to cut them off. The wicked kill, steal and destroy Christ’s people, so Christ catches them and cuts them off if they refuse to stop killing, stealing and destroying. Christ is also a fisherman. He fishes souls to save them and bring them home to heaven after this life. Christ also fishes for the wicked to catch them in a net constructed of their own wicked ways.

Trump has been fished out by Christ. Trump has been hunted down by The King of Glory. Not solely because he colluded with Russia to get himself elected, but because of a lifetime of crime. Trump is a mob associate. He provides front man services and launders their money. Because Trump helps criminals he is guilty of the same crimes they have committed. Among other things, mobsters sex traffic, drug traffic and human traffic. They kill, steal and destroy. Trump helps them and supports their activities. The Lord Jesus Christ has seen it all. Judgment day has come.