King Jesus Said Trump Is A Russian Agent, So All Of His Cabinet Picks Are Suspect Too, Including CIA Director Mike Pompeo!

The attached article is interesting to me because King Jesus said “CIAles” recently. I am not sure what He means yet but I have serious concerns about Trump and Pompeo. Christ told me Trump is a Russian agent, so anyone he nominated to help him destroy America is suspect to me. Mike Pompeo is suspect.

It could be Trump plans to destroy the CIA to help Putin’s Russia be great again. Without the CIA, America is almost flying blind. I say almost because King Jesus is helping America while judging the land at the same time.


Please read the attached article:



THE ORIGINAL! Trump Wants To Pardon All Traitors In The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal! That’s Big Of Him.

Pardon me, excuse me, pardon me says the cartoon character Bugs Bunny as he walk through seated patrons in a theater. Trump on the other hand, not yet up to the level of a cartoon character, asks his private counsel if he can pardon all the traitors in the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal including himself. Bugs Bunny would not ask such a question.

Trump realizes he is trapped and He knows it is just a matter of time before, not just America, but the world knows he criminally colluded with Putin’s Russia to get elected in 2016. He is looking for a soft landing for himself, his family and aides. Yet, there must be consequences for wrong doing or there will be no deterrent moving forward. Consequences are the way of Christ who is the Righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth. Though Trump looks for a parachute and tries to quietly exit stage left without consequences, the crime of the century will require penalties. If man does not judge Trump and his team properly, King Jesus will.

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