“The ORIGINAL” Lawry’s Seasoned Salt is Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering. It may harm your health!

“The ORIGINAL” Lawry’s Seasoned Salt is Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering. It may harm your health.

Mr. Steve

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Are Influential Black Men Under Attack In America? As Usual.

Beloved ones, I need you to watch and pray about the attack on influential black men of means in America. Men like:

Bill Cosby

Nipsey Hussle

Perhaps R Kelly

Perhaps Jussie Smollet

Perhaps OJ Simpson

NBA Players

NFL Players

MLB Players

Authentic Civil Rights Activists

I discern an attack from the powers that be on influential black men. Men who endeavor to build the Black community and combat the ravages of White supremacy on the Black community.

Will influential black women be targeted. Yes if they are pillars of the Black community.

It appears to me at this time that influential black women are more concerned with feminism and usurpation of authority over their men to be much use to the Black community.

Yet white supremacy fears the Black or non white man! So feminism is the enemy of the community because it pits a man against his wife. Abusing women is also the enemy of the community and is intolerable. Love your wives and be not bitter against them.

Watch and pray for the Black men who find their manhood through supporting and building their own community, and then they help others. Charity begin at home.


Pharaoh is anxious!

To The Jews

To The Jews:

Thus Says The Maschiach Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Ben YHVH:

Close the door of lo aman. The door of unbelief in ME.

Your enemies have been coming through the open door for 2,000 years to do my people great harm. Close the door. Yeshua aman! Believe in Jesus Christ!

They recently went through that door to infect some in NYC with measles. It’s because of the open door. Close the open door by opening the door to Melek Yeshua haMashiach Ben Yah!

A Messenger

THE ORIGINAL! Trump’s Collusion with Russia is Consistent with Racism! Yet the Color Line is Falling!