THE ORIGINAL! Did Aras Agalarov Make A Donation To The Republican National Committee In A Quid Pro Quo I Believe So!

Beloved, reportedly a key player in Trump’s orbit made a donation of some sort to the Republican National Committee during or after the Trump Jr meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya the Russian lawyer with Kremlin connections. Could that key player be Aras Agalarov, the Trump of Russia? Irakly Kaveladze represented Aras Agalarov at the meeting. Why was he there? He is reportedly a coordinator of money laundering for Agalarov and others in Russian. His presence may have been required to facilitate cash flows to Republican operatives or to the RNC. We know the RNC went soft on Russia with respect to Ukraine one week prior to the 2016 party convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Was this unexpected move by the RNC a quid pro quo? I hope Robert S. Mueller III is looking into it.

When the New York Times first broke the story of Trump Jr’s meeting with four Russian officials, The Lord Jesus said two things about the meeting at separate times, “Aras” and “Analytics.” The Lord spoke prior to the media revelation that Ike Kaveladze was the eighth man at the meeting. Ike Kaveladze represented Aras and Jared Kushner was Trump’s data operations man. Also, The RNC had three data firms in 2016, Deep Root Analytics, Data Trust and TargetPoint. Jared Kushner, Brad Parscale and Cambridge Analytica probably interfaced with the RNC data firms in some way concerning voter data. Finally, US officials are concerned Russian trolls had help from Americans to properly target American voters via social media with fake news ads during the campaign.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to draw America back to Him.




THE ORIGINAL! Did U.S. or Allied Intel Agencies “Successfully Intercept” Trump Jr’s Phone Calls To Agalarov? What Do You Think!

Beloved, did US or Allied Intelligence Agencies successfully intercept Donald Trump Jr’s cell phone calls with Aras and/or Emin Agalarov? I would think so, because Aras is an oligarch who cooperates with Putin as necessary to advance Putin’s agenda. Aras received the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation some time after he hosted Trump Sr’s Miss Universe Pageant in 2013. Aras paid Trump Sr several million dollars for the event, and connected Trump to all the wonderful people in Moscow. Aras is called the Trump of Russia. I would not be surprised if Aras and maybe his son Emin were under surveillance by US Intelligence by June 2016 since Russia was known by then to be boldly moving in to help Trump win the election.

The Lord Jesus said “Aras” a few days after the New York Times published an article about the Trump Jr meeting with four suspected Russian agents. I still don’t know why The Lord brought up Aras, but I suspect his role in the meeting before, during and after is very significant.

If US Intel has transcripts of conversations between Trump Jr and the Agalarovs, something Trump Jr and Emin simply can’t recollect, then the end is near for Trump Sr’s presidency, assuming criminal collusion occurred. The Lord Jesus randomly said a few months ago, “Intercepted Successfully.” I still don’t know what The Lord is referring too, but Trump Jr’s calls with the Agalarovs comes to mind. The Lord also said, “The End” and “The Fall is near.” I think He is referring to Trump Sr’s presidency.

You may be asking yourself why Trump Sr would collude with Russia and get his kids involved. My guess is Trump Sr agreed to try to import kleptocracy to America using white supremacy as a wedge. Trump Sr may feel this is the best way to take his country back. You know, to make America great again.

Civil war is on the horizon for America says The Lord. I suspect the reason is the need to maintain white supremacy and white ethnic purity, whatever that means. Yet Christ is taking America another way, and no one can stop Him.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him. Ask Christ to judge the gods of America!!


THE ORIGINAL! Incriminating Evidence Of Trump’s Collusion Is Coming Via A Leak!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me this very day that incriminating evidence of Trump’s collusion slash conspiracy with Putin’s Russia is coming to America via a leak. Yesterday, I broadcast the following title, “Trump Has A Near Break Down As Trump Russia Collusion Pressure Continues!” Tonight we witnessed near panic by the Trump Administration as Robert Mueller’s investigation zeros in on Trump’s finances and fifty year career as a mob front man. Buckle up and hold on tight. It’s going to get interesting from here.

THE ORIGINAL! The 8th Man At Trump Junior’s Meeting Is A Russian Money Launderer! What’s that Smell? It Smells Like Criminal Collusion.

Beloved, what’s that smell?  Criminal collusion?  Yeah!  That’s it.  Not because of all the compelling direct and circumstantial evidence, but because King Jesus told me in November and December 2016 that Putin delivered for Trump, and Trump knew about the interference in the 2016 Election.  The compelling Russian Dossier says Trump paid the hackers via Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer slash fix it man.  I believe it because Christ said Cohen did go to Prague.

Trump covered for Putin, even to this very day.  Apparently there was an agreement between Trump and Putin, a quid pro quo.  You know, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.  I will get you elected via a cyber coup, and you lift those darn sanctions and weaken America internally and globally so Russia can be great again.  Quid pro quo.  Settle the Prevezon case for a song and return our assets to us for nothing in return.  Share American secrets with us via covert communication channels, so we can better compete with or replace America in the global rat race.  Let us launder money with impunity and allow us to hack the hell out of America to make Russia Great Again.  You know, quid pro quo.  We will let you have a Trump Tower in Moscow with your name printed over the door in gold plated steel.  After all, collusion is not illegal.  There is nothing wrong with collusion. Any Presidential candidate would do it.



THE ORIGINAL! Something New, Something Big, A New Crisis Is Coming For Trump Because of Collusion! (First Published On June 14, 2017)

Donald Trump Jr’s foolish meeting with at least four Russian born persons looks like the fulfillment of Christ’s Word to me on mid-June 2017.

THE ORIGINAL! Did Jared Kushner Share Analytics With Alleged Russian Hacker Rinat Akhmetshin? Maybe!

After I recorded and published a video last Monday night, July 10, 2017, about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian Operatives on June 9, 2016, The Lord Jesus Christ said to me, “Analytics.” The truth is, I don’t why Christ said this? I suspect He is pointing to a possible hand off of American Analytics data to Russia. What kind of Analytics? Who knows. I theorize voter demographic data, but I am not sure.

The meeting with four Russian born individuals was very brief according to Mr. Trump Jr. They were done in twenty or thirty minutes. It doesn’t take much time to hand a hard drive or thumb drive to a Russian spymaster (Akhmetshin)? Not much. Were would the data come from? I don’t know, but Jared Kushner was Trump’s data analytics guy in conjunction with Cambridge Analytica and Brad Parscale. Also, the Republican National Committee had three data firms with a very powerful voter database containing reportedly 198 million registered voter files. Reportedly, that database was left unsecured on the Cloud for weeks in the same time frame of Trump Jr’s meeting. Anyone could have downloaded the entire database during and even after it was left wide open on the net.

I am also concerned Trump Jr’s meeting may have laid the foundation for Jeff Session’s Department of Justice to unexpectedly and abruptly settle with Prevezon two days before the case went to court. Prevezon was accused of money laundering via Manhattan real estate (Trump Organization?) with funds obtained by a $230 million Russian tax refund fraud scam. The fraud was uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, who was murdered in Russian government custody in 2009.

Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin lobbied the US government against The Magnitsky Act. They were probably more concerned about clearing Denis Katsyv, owner of Prevezon, of wrong doing in Magnitsky’s death, and also releasing Katsyv’s frozen assets in America. On May 12, 2017 the Department of Justice let Prevezon off the hook for a song. Prevezon was fined $6 million dollars and reports indicate Katsyv was cleared of all wrong doing in Magnitsky’s death. I believe his frozen assets were returned as well.

Some have said revelation of Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russians on June 9th is a “Smoking Gun.” It very well may be.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ Jesus without ceasing. Ask The King to continue to pull the cover off The Trump Russia Collusion scandal. The crime of the century for sure.

Matthew 10:26 King James Version, “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”


THE ORIGINAL! The Swamp of Trump Russia Collusion Continues To Rise! Guilty Says King Jesus!

If a foreign government offers you help to incriminate your presidential campaign opponent, just say NO! If a adversarial foreign power asks to help you defeat your presidential election opponent, just say hell NO!

Water in the swamp of the Trump Russia Collusion Scandal just keeps on rising. It’s filling with alarming revelation after shocking revelation. Why so much Russia. Aren’t there other countries besides Russia. What is the attraction to Russia. Could it be kleptocracy. Kleptocracy being a government ruled by a thief and thieves. Beloved, as hard as it may be to believe, some people are attracted to thieves, murderers and organized criminals. Russia’s government is currently led by organized criminals, some of whom have intelligence backgrounds. We are hoping and praying for better for the beautiful Russian people. They deserve better.

Beloved, Trump is treading water in the Trump Russia Collusion swamp. He will run out of gas sooner or later unless someone saves him. Yet Christ said Trump colluded with Putin during the election campaign and since he has been in the Oval office. Trump’s money, his star status, his associates, his mob ties, his family and his friends can’t drain the Trump Russia Collusion swamp. Trump has a very notable adversary, Jesus The Christ! Christ has plugged the swamp’s drain and He continues to fill it with incriminating revelations and information.

Chickens have finally come home to roost for Donald John Trump Sr. No one told Trump to become a mob associate slash front man. No one told Trump to become a idolatrous freemason. No one told Trump to become an occult wizard. No one told Trump to accept Russian money from Russian government criminals. No one told Trump to pledge his loyalty to Vladimir Putin. These things are not our fault. These are decisions Donald made. So the chickens have finally found their way back home. What to do? Come clean and ask for mercy because treason can carry the death penalty. If your beloved children followed you into the land of treason, they may be condemned to death also. Very sad stuff.