THE ORIGINAL! America’s Civil War Has Begun! The Far-Right Versus America!


I read and article is the Washington Post today titled, “How American Conservatives Warmed To Russia.” Putin has convinced many conservatives that he is a white supremacist, devout Christian and gun lover. True Christianity has nothing to do with white supremacy and gun toting. Putin is exploiting the racial divide in America. It’s not hard to do this. Trump is right with Putin’s schemes. Trump reportedly disparaged The US Constitution in a recent interview as being bad for America because it prevents his desire to implement a white supremacist, pseudo-Christian, authoritarian kleptocratic regime.

Much prayer and massive persistent public protest will be required to force a Republican led Congress to Repeal and Replace Trump’s entire administration because of treasonous collusion with Russia in the election campaign of 2016. Trump is enemy number one of the United States of America.