THE ORIGINAL! Did U.S. or Allied Intel Agencies “Successfully Intercept” Trump Jr’s Phone Calls To Agalarov? What Do You Think!

Beloved, did US or Allied Intelligence Agencies successfully intercept Donald Trump Jr’s cell phone calls with Aras and/or Emin Agalarov? I would think so, because Aras is an oligarch who cooperates with Putin as necessary to advance Putin’s agenda. Aras received the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation some time after he hosted Trump Sr’s Miss Universe Pageant in 2013. Aras paid Trump Sr several million dollars for the event, and connected Trump to all the wonderful people in Moscow. Aras is called the Trump of Russia. I would not be surprised if Aras and maybe his son Emin were under surveillance by US Intelligence by June 2016 since Russia was known by then to be boldly moving in to help Trump win the election.

The Lord Jesus said “Aras” a few days after the New York Times published an article about the Trump Jr meeting with four suspected Russian agents. I still don’t know why The Lord brought up Aras, but I suspect his role in the meeting before, during and after is very significant.

If US Intel has transcripts of conversations between Trump Jr and the Agalarovs, something Trump Jr and Emin simply can’t recollect, then the end is near for Trump Sr’s presidency, assuming criminal collusion occurred. The Lord Jesus randomly said a few months ago, “Intercepted Successfully.” I still don’t know what The Lord is referring too, but Trump Jr’s calls with the Agalarovs comes to mind. The Lord also said, “The End” and “The Fall is near.” I think He is referring to Trump Sr’s presidency.

You may be asking yourself why Trump Sr would collude with Russia and get his kids involved. My guess is Trump Sr agreed to try to import kleptocracy to America using white supremacy as a wedge. Trump Sr may feel this is the best way to take his country back. You know, to make America great again.

Civil war is on the horizon for America says The Lord. I suspect the reason is the need to maintain white supremacy and white ethnic purity, whatever that means. Yet Christ is taking America another way, and no one can stop Him.

Stay tuned and pray to Christ without ceasing. Ask Christ to cause America to Return to Him. Ask Christ to judge the gods of America!!



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