Attorney General Jeff Sessions Shows More Moral Weakness By Condemning White Supremacy While Facilitating It At The Same Time. Jeff Is A Small Man.

Jeff Sessions has been talking a pretty good game concerning Charlottesville, but his actions speak more loudly. He is an enemy of civil rights of all kinds. He is a white supremacist. The Lord Jesus Christ told me as I watched a live broadcast of the chaos in Charlottesville on Saturday, The White House and Justice Department were responsible for the violent confrontation. The rally brought together a combustible mixture of belief systems without police intervention. The police were there, but they did not intervene to stop people from beating each other senseless. After the violence the police ended the festivities. I see this as a dereliction of their duties. They were responsible to stop the initial carnage. If they had maybe, just maybe Heather Heyer would still be alive.



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