THE ORIGINAL! Special Counsel Robert Mueller Is A Threat To Guilty Illegitimate President Trump.

The Lord Jesus told me Special Counsel Mueller is going to depart. I am not sure what this means beyond the fact that Mueller is going to exit stage left. Will Trump fire Mueller through some series of moves? Will Trump be outed as a criminal collusion conspirator and then Mueller departs because the case will be closed. Will misfortune befall Mr. Mueller. God forbid.

One thing is very apparent to this writer. Mueller is a huge threat to Donald Trump. Not to Trump’s illegitimate presidency, but to his financial empire. Trump probably could easily let go of The White House. I don’t think he likes the job much. Trump can not live without his wealth and family business Trump Organization. The Russia Investigation threatens Trump’s nest egg and his children’s financial inheritance. The Russia Investigation threatens Trump’s global brand!

I suspect Trump is going to break down and fire Mueller in the hope the Republican led Congress will essentially let him get away with it. Trump hopes he will survive firing Mueller. I seems to me Trump has not choice but to try it. If he leaves Mueller alone, He is going to lose everything. Losing everything is an extreme nightmare for Trump. Firing Mueller may get him impeached, but he hopes impeachment will be the worst consequence.

Stay tuned and pray to King Jesus without ceasing. Pray that America will return to Christ.



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