THE ORIGINAL! Trump Has A Near Break Down As Trump Russia Collusion Pressure Continues!

The Lord Jesus has been saying to me for several weeks now, “Break Down.”  I have therefore been living in expectation that another firing spree is coming to America as Trump fights to stay above the Russian collusion swamp’s water that continues to fill with his own sins and indiscretions.  Robert Mueller III is being eyed by Trump because Trump’s family financial sins are under scrutiny in The Trump Russian Collusion Probe.

The fact is Donald Trump is trapped and has no hiding place.  His sins are being investigated and leaked to the media.  His kingdom is falling and there is nothing he can do about it. Nothing!  King Jesus Christ has watched Trump for more than three decades.  Christ has seen all of Trump’s sins.  Christ set up Trump through Putin and his oligarchs who talked him into running for president.  Christ let the Russian interference campaign succeed so he could take Trump down for good.    Christ is exceedingly brilliant!  The end of Trump as president is near.  Death throws are upon us.  It’s hard to watch.  It is instructive for young people.  Don’t cheat in life.  It will eventually catch up to you because of King Jesus.


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