THE ORIGINAL! Robert S. Mueller III, Special Counsel, has hire 13 Freemasons Fraternal To Trump!

The Lord Jesus Christ told me there are 13 freemasons who have been hired by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III to help him investigate The Trump Russia Collusion Scandal. The problem is, the Lord told me Trump is a freemason too. This is a serious issue because freemasons make vows to help each other. They have been known to deliver fellow masons from murder charges. They pervert justice for each other. This is huge. It means the Special Counsel is a sham!!!!!! This implies Rod Rosenstein is possibly a sham artist. There is no doubt Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is a sham artist and a flunky of Trump. Sessions is a dangerous man as he sits in the Attorney General’s office.

Our job at this point is to pray and ask King Jesus to save America. Christ undoubtedly will say to America, “Return To Me!” Darkness can not drive out darkness according to Martin Luther King Jr. So pray and return.


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