THE ORIGINAL! Trump and Putin To Collude On Global Trade At The G20 Summit.

In spite of Russia’s cyber aggression against the United States’ Presidential election in 2016, Russian aircraft aggression near the border of Alaska, Russian aircraft buzzing US military craft at sea and in the air, and Putin’s mockery of America after he helped elect Trump, America’s first Russian President Donald Trump plans a full bilateral meeting with Putin this Friday, July 7, 2017 at the G20 Summit.  It’s because Donnie loves Vladi, so nasty, nasty.  There is collusion, there is collusion.

Also, Don John is going to give a speech is racist, authoritarian Poland tomorrow as he stands in front of a war monument that commemorates the slaughter of about 200,000 Poles by Nazi Germany in 1944.  This will help NATO and EU relations I am sure.  Trump consistently works to make Russia great again as was forecast in The Russian Dossier by Christopher Steele.


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