THE ORIGINAL! Is Trump Planning To Collude With Putin On Trade? Sugar Trade? Maybe!

I read an article today about America’s new trade deal with Mexico concerning sugar. Apparently the terms of the trade deal will result in an increased cost for raw sugar and a reduction in the amount of refined sugar that can be imported from Mexico. Yet the demand for sugar will not decrease. So sugar will have to be imported from another trade partner to meet the sugar demand. Who might help America meet her demand for sugar? Who knows.

My radar went up about this development because The Lord Jesus told me Jared Kushner wanted to set up a covert communication channel with Russia in December 2016 so he could download trade data to the Russians discreetly. In the last few months The Lord Jesus said to me, “Sugar,” then later “less sugar.” Initially, I thought He was asking me to cut back on my sugar consumption. The article today may explain the hints the Lord is giving me. I suspect Trump is planning to help Putin’s economy by swinging American trade to Russia. I could be wrong. We will keep an eye on trade deals and then we will know.


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