THE ORIGINAL! Trump Wanted Secret Communications With His Boss Putin To Run World!

One of the more damning revelations of Trump’s Collusion with Putin thus far is, he wanted a secret communications channel with Vladimir Putin reportedly using Russian Embassy encrypted communications facilities. Worst yet, Trump got his grandchildren’s father involved by having Jared Kushner meet with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to set up the secret communications channel. The problem with all this is. Trump wanted to communicate with the number one threat to America, Russia, without American Intelligence officials knowing about it. Trump, who was aided by Russia in the election of 2016 wanted to maintain covert communications with America’s number one adversary as President. Trump, who appears to be more comfortable with officials from Russia, America’s number one adversary, than he is with America’s allies wanted to continue covert communications with Putin. This is a major nail in Trump’s coffin because he can’t distance himself from his son-in-law who is one of his closest confidants. Stay Tuned.


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