THE ORIGINAL! Putin Suborned Trump & Associates w/ Russian Money & Russian Honey! Trump Colluded Says Jesus!


The Lord Jesus Christ told me Donald Trump colluded with Putin to get elected.  The Lord said there was interference with the 2016 Presidential Election.  The Lord said Putin delivered for Trump and Trump knew about it.  The Trump Russia Dossier prepared by Christopher Steele, former British MI6 agent, alleges Trump and his inner circle paid the hackers of the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and John Podesta.  Allegedly, Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen went to Prague, Czechoslovakia to make arrangements to pay the hackers in a plausibly deniable way.  I believe The LORD has revealed to me Ivanka Trump went with Michael Cohen to Prague. Also, allegedly Putin orchestrated the hacking operation.

Trump has a problem with sex and money according to The Lord Jesus.  Russian money and Russian honey (women of low morals, golden showers, etc.) have proved to be too tempting for him.  He has had a problem with rubbing elbows with criminals.  He has had a history of doing things the wrong way, i.e. illegally.  Trump has been set up by The LORD Jesus Christ for a final colossal fall.  Trump’s time has come to be judged for a lifetime of corruption.  Stay tuned.


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