THE ORIGINAL! Did Trump Use Ivanka As Bag Lady To Pay The DNC Hackers? I Believe So. He Colluded!

Months ago, The LORD Jesus Christ told me Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, did in fact go to Prague, Czechoslovakia to meet with very senior Russian officials. The Trump-Russian Dossier alleges Michael Cohen and three other Trump inner circle members met with Sergei Ivanov, Chief of Staff of Putin’s Presidential Administration. Allegedly, Cohen et al made plans to pay the hackers of the Democratic National Committee under the table in a plausibly deniable way, and they made contingency plans to cover up the crimes.

I believe The LORD Jesus is showing me Ivanka Trump Kushner played a role in paying the hackers and may have traveled with Cohen to Prague to make such arrangements. This past week we learned that a White House Official who is close to Trump is a person of interest in The Trump Russia Collusion Probe. Could it be sweet Ivanka, Donald Trump’s closest confidant? I believe The Lord says so. We shall see.


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