THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was Afraid James Comey Would Unilaterally Talk About The Collusion Probe!

The Lord Jesus told me Trump fired Comey because Comey could not be trusted to be quiet about The Trump Russian Collusion Probe. Now, Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appears to have unilaterally appointed a Special Counsel to continue the investigation of Russian Interference and The Trump Russian Collusion Probe. Robert Mueller is known for running a leak free ship. This fact is suspicious because Trump seems very focused on containment of leaks as opposed to investigating his own collusion with Russia. Trump is no fool, yet he is a big fool.

The Lord also said to me yesterday, Robert is a freemason. I am not absolutely sure which Robert The LORD is talking about, but I strongly suspect The LORD is talking about Robert Mueller. They Lord also told me Trump is a freemason, back in November 2016. If I am reading The LORD right, Mr. Mueller is going to let Trump go Scott free. These Scottish Rite freemasons stick together as do the York Rite freemasons.

This is what I believe just happened. Comey talked too much and never shut up. He was out of control. He was not loyal. Robert Mueller is quiet as a church mouse and as a brother freemason, he will be loyal to Trump. I believe Trump, Sessions and Rosenstein got together on Monday May 8, 2017 or earlier and hatched a sham to remove showboat Comey in lieu of discreet Robert Mueller. My theory is politically smooth and meets Trump’s persistent desire to plug the leaks and quash the investigation through corruption.

Beloved, if you can’t stop an investigation into your corruption, you have to try to take control of the investigation. That, beloved, is what I believe just happened. Trump has taken control of the FBI criminal investigation and silenced all possible leaks.

Though Trump tries to plug the leaks, he is going to open up gushers. Though Trump tries to control the criminal investigation of himself and his campaign team, King Jesus is going to cause the Truth to gush out. Christ doesn’t like people like Trump and Putin. Christ hates the perversion of justice. Stay tuned. Stay prayerful. Keep the faith. Stand up for Christ. Engage the culture with the WORD of God.


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