Detroit Free Press: Lawmakers slam alleged revelations of intel by Trump

The Lord Jesus Christ told me Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. Would a man like this conceal America’s most sensitive secrets from Ol’ Vladi? You do the math. Something’s not right here.

From Detroit Free Press

Lawmakers slam alleged revelations of intel by Trump

Responding to reports that President Trump revealed “highly classified information” to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador at the White House last week, lawmakers called the alleged disclosures “inexcusable” and “deeply disturbing.”The Washington Post, citing current and former U.S. officials, reported that Trump provided Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak classified intelligence that was so sensitive it had been withheld from allies – and under close hold within the U.S. government as well.”To compromise a source is something that you just don’t do,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said. “That’s why we keep the information that we get from intelligence sources so close…to prevent that from happening.”


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