THE ORIGINAL! The Lord Jesus said “Proffer” again today. Will a Trump aide “Proffer?”

The LORD said on yesterday, “some start talking.” Today, Carter Page talked a little, but not much. Will Trump’s men sell him out and come clean about his collusion with the Russians. The Lord gave me the word, “Proffer” in early April 2017, just after Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser, tried to get immunity from Congressional Intelligence Committees. A Proffer is an preliminary offer of testimony about someone or something involved in potential crimes. A proffer gives investigators an idea of whether or not granting immunity is warranted by the potential testimony. A proffer offers testimony on a person of interest above the “profferer” as far as law enforcement is concerned. If Trump aides proffer, they will most likely offer testimony about potential crimes Trump has committed. Stay Tuned and be ready to be a part of massive persistent nonviolent protest if the government does not properly address Trump’s treason.


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