THE ORIGINAL! Trump Was Selected, Tasked, Directed & Recruited By Putin To Deceive America!

Naveed Jamali, a Contributor to MSNBC said yesterday on AM Joy’s broadcast that with respect to Michael Flynn, “ In dealing with Russian Intelligence, one does not collude, one is tasked, one is directed, one is recruited.” This statement seems plausible. I believe Mr. Trump was also selected, tasked, directed and recruited by Russian Intelligence because King Jesus The Christ said Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. The Russian Dossier on Donald Trump alleges he worked for the Kremlin in the past to spy on Russian emigres to The United States who happened to be oligarchs. The body of revealed knowledge on Mr. Trump connects him to a Port Washington Chabad with connections to Russian Jews who are acquainted or intimate with Vladimir Putin. Therefore, this circumstantial evidence lends credibility to Christopher Steele’s Russian Dossier assertion on this point.

In the final analysis, Mr. Trump is a Russian operative based on The Word of The Lord Jesus. I understand many of you don’t believe in Christ. I understand also many of you will come to believe in Christ when His Word’s have been confirmed publicly. Donald Trump’s entire administration will not survive because he obtained the presidency by fraud, and King Jesus is not going to allow him to continue as a result. I suspect Trump’s administration will be repealed and replaced with a Clinton Presidency. The Lord Jesus told me Hillary has pure God-given grace to rule from the White House at this time. An unprecedented change of plans is coming to America. Repeal and Replace Trump with Clinton. This coming from a man who almost voted for Trump!


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