THE ORIGINAL! As Shocking as Trump’s Collusion Probe is, Jesus said We haven’t seen Anything Yet!

As the Trump Russia Collusion Probe gets going again via the House Intelligence Committee, more shocking revelations are coming like, FBI Director James Comey and Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta are co-conspirators with Trump.  Michael Cohen and three other inner circle members of Trump went to Prague, Czechoslovakia  in August or September of 2016 to make arrangements to pay hackers, who hacked the DNC, under the table via cash disbursements.  Cohen is a key to Trump’s collusion with Putin.  Trump paid the hackers and Putin directed them according to the Trump Russian Collusion Dossier.  The Dossier lines up with what Christ has been saying to me on a couple points. Stay Tuned and Stay Focused on Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Focus, focus, focus on the collusion issue.


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