THE ORIGINAL! A Treasonous Traitor with America’s Nuclear Codes! Unprecedented! Sad! Bad!

America’s Media is lost and has no moral compass and no Christ given prophetic insight.  The Liberal media bashes Trump instead of confronting his illegitimacy as President because he colluded with Vladimir Putin says The LORD Jesus.  They can’t confront it because fear of being wrong troubles them.  If they had Christ given prophetic insight, they could boldly confront Trump’s treason.  Instead they bash Trump daily to no avail.  They talk about some of his campaign advisers, and they should, but they are yet afraid of Trump because they lack prophetic insight.  In other words, they are blind.  I have grown irritated with the useless bashing of Trump and wonder when the liberal media will turn to talk about how to remove our colluder-in-chief from office via legal and moral means.

Michael Flynn is the latest bashie.  One liberal media host said Flynn was three steps away from the nuclear codes.  Yet Trump is free, within reason hopefully, to employ the nuclear codes.  Trump, our illegitimate Russian-backed Colluder-in-Chief per King Jesus, has full access to the nuclear codes.  We don’t have to worry about Michael Flynn anymore.  Michael may do a short stint in prison for his potential crimes. Trump is our problem not Flynn.

Trump is more of a fox than we have believed.  Trump is a sycophant of Russia and he may share America’s nuclear codes with Russia via a back channel communique.

The Conservative media on the other had appear to be in denial more than the liberal media.  They too have no prophetic insight into what in the world is going on with Trump.  They seem to be focused on being Republicans or Conservatives instead of being Americans.  They don’t want to even look at Trump’s treason.  They pretend like there is no smoke coming from Trump and his team.  They are willing to criticize Trump’s team members but Trump himself is holy as far as they are concerned.  They are Republicans, not Americans.  They are Conservatives, not Americans.  They are blind leaders of the blind.  The experts that spout confusion on both liberal and conservative media programs are blind as well.  They simply don’t know for sure if Trump is a traitor yet.  They will soon enough.

Finally, Christ told me Hillary Rodham Clinton has pure grace to be the President of the USA right now.  Trump conversely does not have grace to be president.  This is why he is 0 and 10 thus far.  He simply does not have God given grace to rule.  He is illegitimate!  Without Christ, we can do 0!




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