THE ORIGINAL! The FBI Sting Operation of Trump’s Team Continues says The LORD Jesus Christ!


FBI Director James Comey advertently or inadvertently lined up with Putin and Trump’s efforts to undermine Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 Election.  Yet The LORD Jesus told me The FBI has mounted a Sting Operation against the Trump Campaign. While these two lines of thought seem to diverge, they don’t.  If Comey is sincerely investigating Trump via a Sting Operation, he is not going to reveal his hand via talking prematurely to the media. In March 2017, it was necessary to tell America about the investigation during the open hearing of The House Intelligence Committee.  The investigation continues.  Either way, Trump’s Administration is going down because of collusion with Putin and Russia.

The solution to force Congress to act responsibly concerning America’s illegitimate president is massive public pressure.  Prayer to King Jesus must lead the way.  Public pressure took down Nixon and it will take down Trump.


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