THE ORIGINAL! Trump Needed to Distance himself from Russia and his Russian connections!

I believe Donald Trump is stoking the flames of war with North Korea and Syria for a couple reasons. One, Trump in an effort to distance himself from the “Trump Collusion with Putin Probe” has decide to not only cutoff campaign aides who were sycophants of Russia, but Trump desires to give the appearance of cutting off Putin as well. Two, Trump desires to control media talking points, even among the liberal media outlets. Nothing works in this effort better than tough talk and warmongering.

The media’s problem is, they lack prophetic insight. They are blind leaders of the blind. They see the smoke of Trump’s collusion, but they appear to be unconvinced of Trump’s guilt. Therefore, the media, even the liberal media are legitimizing Trump’s Administration by talking about everything but the “Collusion Probe.” They are waiting for the Senate & House Intelligence Committees to lead them. Yet Trump has both of those committees under his control. The FBI is being waited upon to tell us what’s up, but they will not share classified info with us. The end of the FBI investigation will produce a report that will have to be acted upon by the Congress.

What is needed in the monumental Trump collusion with Russia scandal is, sustained public pressure. The same was required to take down Richard Nixon. The American people need to wake up and assume a position of outrage. Peaceful massive sustained outrageous protest will be required to force a Republican led Congress to do the right thing. The Republicans are licking their chops as they anticipate fulfilling legislative opportunities that may not avail themselves again soon. The American people are going to have to force the Congress to do the right thing.

We also need to boycott media outlets that ignore the collusion probe. Such are not serving America’s best interests, they are serving vain partisan interests or have given up on the hope that our Government will do the right thing concerning Trump’s treason.




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