FBI Director James Comey Advertently or Inadvertently Lined Up with Putin and Trump’s Operation to Undermine Clinton While Temporarily Denying Putin’s Goal of Helping Trump! Also, Comey Was Asked To Stay On! That’s Queer. Do The Math!

In my humble opinion, James Comey, Director of The FBI, intentionally stepped into the 2016 Election Campaign, something The FBI never does. He publicly rebuked Hillary Clinton on July 5, 2016 for being careless in handling classified information. She was careless, but as Mr. Comey went on to say, no criminal charges would be levied against her, because THE FBI could not find probable cause to indict her. This interjection by Mr. Comey was not necessary and was unprecedented by The FBI who traditionally rarely discuss closed cases publicly. Mr. Comey in effect and hopefully unwittingly joined forces with Putin and the Trump Campaign to undermine Clinton’s campaign.

Americans are intelligent, well educated people when compared globally. We all understood Mrs. Clinton was very careless with classified information, but none of us, probably including her political opponents, believed she was criminal in this matter. We understand the Clinton family, albeit imperfect, to be American patriots. No one would believe Mrs. Clinton, in spite of her questionable political views on certain issues, who intentionally try to harm American interests. Therefore, Mr. Comey’s rebuke of Clinton did not add fresh understanding to the issue, only harm to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

Then, when another opportunity arose for Mr. Comey to step into the political arena just eleven days before the November 8, 2016 election, he did so again contrary to FBI tradition, in the matter of finding additional Clinton emails on Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner’s computer. The traditional FBI kind of thing to do would be to read the emails first to see if a crime had been committed and then indict the offender. A press conference about the indictment would have been appropriate in such a high profile case.

Instead, Mr. Comey threw caution to the wind, trampling on decades of FBI tradition, by sending a letter to Congress in effect saying the Clinton email criminal investigation had been reopened. House Republican Jason Chaffetz quickly tweeted this fact to the public in an effort to inform the public and help Trump by harming Clinton. It is worth noting, a criminal investigation is an investigation into whether or not a crime or crimes have been committed. I suspect we need and independent non-partisan investigation into The FBI Director’s behavior in 2016 to properly assess whether or not he has committed a crime or crimes..

Additionally, when Mr. Comey had the opportunity to inform America of all the hot stinking smoke coming from Trump’s campaign with respect to collusion with Putin and Russia, he choose to be silent. He did not want to influence the election. Do the math people of America. Which potential scandal has greater significance. Colluding with the Russians to get yourself elected or being careless with classified emails. Truthfully, being careless with classified material is a huge issue, but it seems to pale in comparison to a known Mob Associate who was colluding with an adversarial foreign power to defraud American voters on November 8, 2016. What Mr. Comey did was lined up with what Putin and Trump were doing. Do the math.

Finally, I recall The FBI being the last American Intelligence Agency to agree that Russia and Putin worked to help Trump get elected. This is more confounding today since we now know The FBI had the Dossier on Trump’s collusion with Putin as early as July 5, 2016. Christopher Steele reportedly submitted the Dossier he prepared to an FBI official in Europe on July 5, 2016. This article says, FBI Headquarters was briefed on the Dossier in late August 2016.

I also, recall Mr. Trump, who is a hatchet man when dealing with his opponents, allowing Mr. Comey to stay for a spell as The Director of The FBI. Trump has relentlessly sought out and fired just about everyone else who he doesn’t trust. Trump appears to trust Mr. Comey thus far. Don’t be surprise if Trump decides to fire Mr. Comey now that smoke on the Collusion-gate scandal begins to emanate from J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI Headquarters.

Something is fishy! Just doing the math!



See the attached Article.


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