THE ORIGINAL! Is Putin Behind Kim Jong Un’s Bravado? Yes. Is Trump In On It? Maybe.

The LORD Jesus Christ has shown me there is a relationship between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin that may explain North Korea’s provocative behavior with respect to America and our Illegitimate President Donald John Trump.  Does Trump, who Christ said colluded with Putin and Russia to get elected, know about Putin’s North Korean operation? He may indeed be aware of it.  The crisis with North Korea may be designed to distract the nations from the investigation of Trump’s collusion with Putin in the election of 2016.  There is only one problem.  The LORD said a Navy Fight is coming.  If a naval battle occurs near the Korean peninsula, it would be hard to believe Trump colluded in such a plot.  Nevertheless, Trump may be complicit in Putin’s Korean operation. After all, he is complicit is stealing the election of 2016 with the help of an adversarial foreign power says The LORD Jesus.


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