THE DAILY BROADCAST! A Divided Republican Party, Steve Mnuchin, ObamaCare and Cyber Bullying

The Lord Jesus appears to have set “AMBUSHMENTS” against the Republican Party. He appears to have set neighbor against neighbor. They are publicly divided and a Party divided against itself can not stand. Does America have three political parties today. Looks like it.

The more significant issue is, American Government has for three generations or 120 years been disrespecting The LORD Jesus Christ and refuses to return to Christ. As a result, Christ is troubling America and will continue to do so more and more until America returns to Him or is altogether destroyed. What are the sins of America against Christ?

1. Racism, Sexism, Classism
2. Darwinism and Evolution
3, Atheism, Gnosticism, Kaballahism
4. Satanism, Paganism, Occultism
5. La Cosa Nostra or Mafia, Organized Crime, Drug Dealing & Gang Banging
6. Satanic Secret Societies like Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Eastern Stars, Knights Templars, Knights of Malta, Knights of the Rosy Cross, Knights of Columbus
7. Greek letter Organizations like Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha
8. Eugenics which is genocide or racism on steroids
9. Abortion which Richard Nixon said was “about the Blacks.”
10. Sodomite Marriage or Sodomite Pride (Homosexual Pride)
11. Apostate Christianity
12. Vain and False Religions (Idolatry & Occultism)
13. Free Love, Drugs and Rock & Roll (Occult Revolution)


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