The Light Fight Thus Far!


American communities have experienced marketplace massacre after marketplace massacre after marketplace massacre. The massacres have thus far been of a light infantry style of attack. America’s light infantry attacks have been carried out by domestic and foreign combatants. From an elementary school to major universities, from civilian entertainment venues to military installations, “The LIGHT FIGHT” continues to harass the American marketplace. This situation begs the questions, why, how long and what must we do?


Well, America was founded shortly after our first Great Christian Awakening in the mid 18th century. America was founded on Christian principles. The founders exhibited respect for Christ as witnessed by our exceptional Federal Constitution and Bill of Human Rights. While the nation was far from perfect in the sight of Christ, great respect was shown to Christ at the founding of our nation. Two hundred and forty years later (1776 to 2016) the respect for Christ has all but vanished in public and private life in America. Occultism is reportedly the fastest growing phenomenon in America today followed by the false religion Islam. They say Christianity is on the decline. Apostasy and compromise are clearly evident in the Church. Sodomy has been declared holy, abortion of tens of millions of human beings has been carried out unabated, sexual immorality is the norm, drug use and abuse are also the norm. The church of satan with it’s black house is tolerated, the bohemian grove too, with its reported observance of ritual homosexual sex in worship of the demon Molech. The unconstitutional separation of church and state is not challenged, the United Nations Headquarters (government of the anti-Christ) resides in Manhattan, NYC, and racism, darwinism, atheism, gnosticism, satanism, paganism, occultism, satanic secret societies such as illuminati, skull ‘n bones, freemasonry, eastern stars and greek lettered organizations (connected to demon gods and goddesses) are welcomed with a wink and a nod. That’s why!

How long will the beatings continue, and what must we do to bring them to a swift conclusion?

The “Light Fight” will undoubtedly continue until America as a nation returns to Christ. American laws must again exhibit respect for Christ, and not for what Christ declared thousands of years ago to be sin, even abominable sin. America must finally let go of tribalism which is termed racism by the tribalists. We really do have a common father and mother; Adam and Eve (Ishah). We have a second set of common parents, Noah and his wife. We are all brothers and sisters believe it or not. Ultimately, YHVH is The Father of all living souls.

America must enforce the justice and judgments of Christ, and legislate morality again with the understanding that mercy triumphs over judgment, and the law is designed to restrain sin. America must embrace her Christ-given ethnic diversity and finally become “One Nation Under Christ, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”

When humility towards Christ returns to the national American landscape, and when Americans return to Christ wholeheartedly, then grace, truth, mercy, joy, peace, public safety, exceptionalism and ever increasing prosperity will also return to America. Nothing else will do. The “Light Fight” will become the “Medium Fight” and eventually the “Heavy Fight” if America continues to rebel against The King of The Universe Jesus the Christ.



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