Students lead new wave of anti-Trump protests #playstore Canada or #amazon 

Has The Lord Jesus Christ intentionally given America a President-Elect of Division? Has The Lord purposefully exposed the great American divide. Is that why America’s enemies are happy about President-Elect Trump. 

I submit to you, The Lord Jesus is dividing America so He can conquer America. The Jesus Revolution is underway in America.

The divide in America has existed for a great while. The Lord Jesus is exposing the divide and He is going to execute judgments against all His enemies in all camps. 

Is America divided in two parts or are there many parts. There are many, but the main division exists between those who are with Christ’s agenda and those who are against it. Christ is going to slaughter His haters in America and the time is NOW!! The Fall of 2016, The Bloody Fall, will see America begin to fall into the hands of King Jesus of Nazareth. King Jesus’ haters are falling into the hands of a wrath-filled God who has been greatly disrespected by them! King Jesus is Standing Up and Coming Out! He is Checking and Holding His adversaries! His is Fighting with the sword of His mouth. He is Fighting with the sword, the famine, the pestilence, the beasts of the field and exile! 

Humble yourselves America, before the Hand of Almighty Jesus Christ!



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