Suicide, Genocide & Homicide by Cop!

Beloved of The LORD Jesus Christ, there are good people and bad people.  There are good leaders and bad leaders. There are good public officials and bad.  There are good cops and bad cops. When I ministered in the Glens Falls, NY area in February 2016, A good cop told me, “There are some bad cops.”  Bad doesn’t necessarily mean corrupt.  When I say bad, I am referring to corrupt police officers.  There are killer cops.

A young man named Ray Tensing appears to be a killer cop to me.  He works in the Cincinnati area where he shot to death an African American motorist as he drove away from a traffic stop.  The motorist was stopped because he did not have a front license plate.  Soon thereafter, the man was dead.

Mr. Tensing’s trial was recently declared a mistrial.  I believe that means he will be retried. Mr. Tensing was wearing a tie shirt underneath his uniform with a confederate flag on it.  Reportedly, eighty percent of the people he stopped were African American in the University of Cincinnati area. Reportedly, Mr. Tensing’s body camera recorded a video of the shooting that disagreed with his explanation of the event.

Whether or not Mr. Tensing is a corrupt cop, he looks guilty as the devil in the eyes of African Americans. The mistrial looks like another slap in the face to African Americans.  It looks like genocide and homicide by cop which proliferates when a nation commits suicide. Suicide, genocide and homicide by cop!



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