Stand Up and Come Out By Checkin’ and Holdin’, Fightin’ or Fornicatin’ or its a Lethal Injection of KCl!!!

The Holy Spirit just revealed to me that my enemies are planning to inject me with a lethal injection of Potassium Chloride (KCl) to stop my heart.  They plan to lock me up in a local psych ward to facilitate my murder or give me the shot outpatient.

I am shaking my head at satan and his kids.  They will fail again because of King Jesus.  You can’t kill life; not eternal life.  Servants of God live until they are finished with their testimony for The LORD.  I have a long way to go yet. I am just getting started.

I was incarcerated in the psych ward of Pontiac General Hospital located north of Detroit, Michigan under false pretenses from September 14, 2016 to October 14, 2016.  My guardian (my mother) said I was crazy because I was living on the street and sleeping on the ground at times.  My guardian’s housemate also evicted me from a home I lived in, in early August 2016 which resulted in my homeless condition.  Fortunately, the weather was great in August and early September.  Mom lives with my baby sister Leslie Lee Ann Ashford.

While in Pontiac General, I received several unscheduled impromptu injections that were ordered by LPNs or RNs to “calm me down.”  I wasn’t upset or in need of calming down.  I was simply preaching the WORD of God to the inmates.

I learned from the experience that “No weapon formed against the children of King Jesus will succeed.”  I learned that Pontiac General Hospital is a freemason and La Cosa Nostra (Mafia) killing field.  I am certain I survived ten (10) attempts on my life.  The Lord said they were planning to give me a chemical lobotomy.  They tried, but “No weapon….”

I preach against freemasonry and La Cosa Nostra daily in the marketplace.  They have told me several times, “You have to pay.”  I told them King Jesus already paid for me as He died on the Cross on Calvary’s hill two-thousand years ago.  I don’t have to pay anything.  They are in-sensed and growing more and more desperate.

They are going to try again, but this time no more nice devil.  They are going to try to kill the messenger of Christ via the painful lethal injection of KCl.  Sad.  May The LORD Jesus do to them what they are planning to do to me.  I have another, “monthly shot” coming in early November.  I suspect it will be KCl.  “Oops.  We gave him the wrong shot!”

My mom Betty Gene Littlejohn Ashford is an eastern star witch and my brother Emmett Quincy Ashford is a freemason warlock.  Both are guardians of my precious life.  Sick, sick, sick!!!  Why are they planning to kill me?  Why did Cain kill his little brother Abel?  Envy!!!!!!  Envy is the spirit of murder!

The Lord Jesus told me my dear sweet mother used her witchcraft to kill my dad via sinus cancer in 1988.  She also tried to kill my ex-wife twenty-two (22) years ago.  The ex was pregnant with our baby daughter then.  By a mighty miracle, Cynthia and the baby survived pulmonary embolism.  They are both going strong to this day.  Mom also tried to kill her grandson-in-law via pulmonary embolism.  He survived also.  Finally, The LORD Jesus revealed to me who my mom was when she tried to kill me with pulmonary embolism in early 2014.  I was 50 years old when I learned mama is a powerful witch.  Sad.  Very, very sad.  My heart is crushed.  Nevertheless, my heart rejoices in The Lord Jesus because, “No weapon….”

My older brother Emmett is no shabby warlock himself.  A cruel man.  He sacrificed his youngest daughter Aria to the devil.  It shows.  He has nine (9) children by four (4) women.  He has been married three (3) times.  He is messed up.  Did mama sacrifice him to the devil as a baby boy?  Probably.  She probably sacrificed all of her five (5) children to the devil.  How did I escape?  Grace, grace, grace!!!!

If you don’t stand up and come out by checkin’ and holdin’ or fightin’ or fornicatin’ to prove your manhood, and the occult forces are not able to emasculate you with black magic witchcraft, they are forced to kill you to keep satan’s wicked device on the lo.   Satan kills if necessary to keep his devices secret. Satan doesn’t think twice about killing.

My other siblings are caught up in witchcraft too.  In fact, my mother’s family tree is occult going back at least three generations before me.  I have two brothers and two sisters.  They are all occult.  My sister Angelica Marie Ashford prepared a delicious macaroni and cheese dish that was supposed to kill me via pulmonary embolism.  No one else in the house touched the mac and cheese that day.  It had a strange taste. Mama said, “You can’t eat that.”  She gave herself away when she said this.  How did she know it was sorcery?  She is the ring leader of the family coven.

My baby sister Leslie put me out of her empty home in August 2016 and thrust me into homelessness for five weeks.  Then thirty days in the psych ward. Subsequently, she allowed me to move back into her vacant rental property.

I realize the demons in them are driving them to kill.  They are serial killers and they need to be arrested.  They kill via witchcraft.

There is only one problem for satan  and the occult in my case.  Jesus loves me.  He is not ready to see me in Heaven yet.  Darn it!  I must needs stick around a little longer for the sake of millions who are going to get saved by Christ soon.   It has started.  The finally Great Awakening in America, in my opinion.

In closing, a little info on lethal injection:

Lethal injection is the practice of injecting one or more drugs into a person (typically a barbiturate, paralytic, and potassium solution) for the express purpose of causing immediate death. The main application for this procedure is capital punishment, but the term may also be applied in a broad sense to euthanasia and suicide. It first renders the person unconscious, and then stops the breathing and heart, in that order.

Typically, three drugs are used in lethal injection. Sodium thiopental is used to induce unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide(Pavulon) to cause muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest, and potassium chloride to stop the heart.

First developed in the United States, it is now also a legal method of execution in China, Thailand and Vietnam. It was also used in Philippines until the country re-abolished the death penalty in 2006.[1]

Messenger Steve








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