The La Cosa Nostra Empire and Freemasonry

Dan Gilbert is Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans Inc., the nation’s second largest mortgage lender. He is also Founder and Chairman of Rock Ventures LLC, the umbrella entity for his portfolio of business and real estate investments, and majority owner of the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.
Dan Gilbert and The Cleveland Cavaliers are United with The Detroit Crime Family and The La Cosa Nostra (LCN) Empire. Mafia is the colloquial name for La Cosa Nostra. They sell heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, women, children and homosexuals to whoever will buy them.
LCN grows opium on Native American ginger farms in America. The ginger goes into ginger ale and the opium goes into the veins of the nations within America and around the world.
The Freemasons and LCN have had a covenant with each other for 100 years. Some Jewish businessmen and women are front persons for LCN.
In Detroit, Partners with the Mob includes:
Vernors soft drink
Gordon Foods
Toco Insurance
Bishop Wayne T. Jackson
Mike and Chris Illitch (Olympia)
Dan Gilbert (buying Downtown Detroit for Don wacky Jackie the Kid Giacolone)
Cummins (engines)
Carmen Harlen (WDIV Detroit)
Devin Scillion (WDIV Detroit)
All Co-hosts of Fox 2 News Detroit’s 9am broadcast
Bernie Smilovitz (WDIV Detroit)
Sam Bernstein (Lawyer)
Lee Steinberg (Lawyer)
UTZ of Hanover
Dean Foods of Dallas, TX
Cleveland Cavaliers
and much more
LCN is an Empire in America and Globally.
King Jesus can and is handling LCN and Freemasons & Eastern Stars at this time.  HalleluYAHH!

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