A Time of Trouble for America!

Nine American Cities are going to have Riots this Fall of 2016. They are:
1. Detroit, MI- a Citywide riot.
2. Washington DC
3. Baltimore, MD
4. Charleston, SC
5. Savanna, GA
6. Memphis, TN
7. Oklahoma City, OK
8. Glendale, AZ
9. Kirkland, WA
The riots are coming this Fall of 2016 BECAUSE:
1. America has refused to return to the LORD Jesus Christ from our apostasy and utter rebellion, so a time of trouble is upon the land
2. Because of 120 years or 3 generations of PRIDE through gnosticism (Freemasons, Eastern Stars, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Knights Templar, etc) satanists, secular humanists, atheists, paganists and occultists. About 12 of Americans presidents have been freemasons or skull and bones in the last 120 years.
3. Because of 100 years of organized crime or La Cosa Nostra or Mafia.
4. Because of the Progressive movement in America that has progressively divided Americans from King Jesus Christ since President Theodore Roosevelt who was a freemason,
5. Because of America’s Eugenics program which taught Adolf Hitler to kill flamboyantly and gave birth to abortion on demand to cull the African American and non white herds in America.
6. Because of The United Nations in Manhattan, NYC birthed by three freemasons (Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32 deg), Harry Truman (33 deg) and Winston Churchill) and a genocidal maniac (Joseph Stalin (Stalin was responsible for the deaths of 20 to 49 million people)). The UN is the government of The End Times Beast in Daniel 7 and Revelations 13. It’s The AntiChrist’s government.
7. Because of the separation of Christ from State in 1962 because of 4 freemasons and 2 other babel heads on The US Supreme Court.
8. Because of The Church of satan and the black house in San Francisco, CA.
9. Because of the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, CA just 65 miles north of San Francisco where the practice ritual homosexual sex for a demon called Molech or Malik or Milcom.
10. Because of The Occult revolution in America which exploded in the 1960’s with its’ devil worship, witchcraft, false religions, free love, orgies, rock & roll and drug culture led by the freemasons and eastern stars.
11. Because of abortion on demand of 60+ million babies and their descendants.
12. Because of the sodomite revolution with its’ shameful crowning achievement of homosexual marriage.
Now you know why!!!!
Say goodbye to those that refuse to turn back to King Jesus at this time!

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