Finally, The Hoffa Family has Closure!

James Riddle Hoffa was murdered by “The Butcher” or Tommy Pitera, a hit man of the Bonanno Crime family. Two or three crews were involved in Mr. Hoffa’s assassination. The Detroit street boss Anthony Giaccolone and His brutal brother William Giaccolone spearheaded the Detroit Crew. The Bonanno family led the second crew and Anthony Provenzano may have spearheaded a third crew. Bill Giaccolone hand dug a 6’ deep grave.

Mr. Hoffa was murdered at a location one radial mile from the Machus Red Fox restaurant, now Andiamo’s. He was buried five miles away from the Machus Red Fox. Go 29 degrees from Machus to the murder site and then four miles straight north to the grave site.


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