The Fall of a Voodoo Christian Leader

On June 18, 2016, the day before Father’s Day my ex-wife Cynthia Annett Baldwin paid me a surprise visit.  It really wasn’t a surprise because I was told by an unknown spiritual voice that she was coming.  She had a side kick with her named Aliyah.  They came bearing a Father’s Day card which I received.

I received them warmly not fearing any mischief.  Nevertheless, mischief was in their hearts.  You see, in 2007 at the end of two weeks of preaching The Gospel of King Jesus The Christ who I affectionately call by His Hebrew name and title of Melek Yeshua ha Mashiyach, I stood toe to toe with a Kenyan pastor named Simonpeter Momanyi.  Pastor Momanyi was zealous to “get me out” of the proverbial box.  He work tirelessly to get me to “Stand Up and Come Out” by “Checking and Holding” or “Fighting.”  As a Christian leader, he could not lawfully offer fornication or sexual immorality.  The truth is, if one of the three means of Standing Up and Coming Out is unlawful, then all three don’t come from King Yeshua!!

As I stood there, about to comply with pastor Momanyi’s demand, The Spirit of The LORD or His angel grabbed me, preventing me from assaulting my host pastor with my fist.  That moment I looked like a coward to the onlookers, but I began to understand King Jesus was not the author of this unspoken law.  Cynthia and I got on a plane that evening in Nairobi, Kenya and flew eight hours to Amsterdam, Netherlands.  We had as traveling companions Roy and Evelyn Baldwin, our senior pastors. Roy was one of Cynthia’s older brothers. We laid over in Amsterdam a few hours and boarded a plane for Detroit, Michigan.  After eight hours, we landed in Detroit and drove ninety minutes to Saginaw, Michigan our home.

On the flight home I was both exhilarated and ashamed.  I felt ashamed because Cynthia surely thought I was afraid to “get out” via fist fighting.  Our pastors probably felt the same as far as I was concerned.  I was simultaneously exhilarated because I realized that King Yeshua did not want me to hit our host.  No one knew what I knew at that moment. To tell them would not cause them to believe.  It would certainly look like a lame excuse.  I would not have believed me either.

Honestly, I would probably have gone to jail for striking a Kenyan national.  That is forbidden in Kenya.

I swallowed my pride down hard and held my head up and went forward.  A few months later, I decide to try something else, “to get out.”  I decide to verbally confront a wicked man on my job by the name of Daryl Gotham.  Daryl was a “help ’em get out” kind of guy on steroids.  I confronted him about his disrespect on the job one day and he denied all wrong doing.  I went and sat down in my cubicle, and The LORD Yeshua said to me, “Are you going to do this your way or My way.”  On that day, I had the revelation!  Yahh does not require men to Stand Up and Come Out via Checking and Holding or Fighting or fornication.  Yahh requires belief in King Yeshua and The Blood of His Cross ONLY!  I began to realize that Yahh does not turn His sons into bisexuals, homosexuals or effeminates.   I began to realize that satan had deceived the whole world as it says in Revelations 12:9.

What a powerful revelation!!!  Unfortunately, my wife at that time did not get the revelation.  She lost respect for me because I took my stand on The WORD and Revelation of Christ.  I never “Came Out.”

In August 2013, I packed my bags and left Saginaw at King Yeshua’s order.  I asked Cynthia to come with me, but she declined.  I saw her face to face only three times prior to our revealing encounter on June 18, 2016.  On June 18, 2016, The LORD revealed to me that my beloved Christian wife, off and on, for 27 years was a witch. Cynthia and I were associate pastors of New Beginnings Deliverance Ministries.  Our Pastor was one of Cynthia’s older brothers Roy Mitchel Baldwin.  Cynthia at one time had seven brothers, all big strong men, except one.  Roy is known as Cynthia’s “Partner in Crime.”  He is one of her childhood hero’s being about eight years older.

Cynthia came to visit to kill me with voodoo.  She told me via telephone a week or two later, “I did not want you to become a homosexual.”  The solution of this Christian minister who is highly favored by all who know her, was execution by voodoo.  She released the necessary sorcery to cause me to suffer a fatal heart attack.  I had no clue what was going on at the time, but The LORD explained what she and Aliyah did after they left.

The LORD Jesus caught her in His Almighty net, not to condemn her, but to save her.  Now, she has to “Come Out” to receive Christ’s forgiveness and salvation.  She has not been courageous enough to do so yet. In fact, I am sure she is desiring my demise.

The implications of surrender to Christ are great.  She has masqueraded as an anointed deliverance minister, preacher and associate pastor in Saginaw since 2006. If she surrenders, everyone will know she is a huge fraud and a vodun at that.  The consequences for failing to surrender to Christ are horrendous to say the least!  If she tries to stay in the closet with her voodoo, judgment will eventually fall on her.  She could lose her precious eternal soul to The Lake of Fire that burns with brimstone.  The fire is never quenched and the maggots never die there.  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Lake of Fire!!  The LORD Yeshua and I don’t want that.

Cynthia and I have three amazing children.  All of my children are her children.  All of her children are mine.  We had what appeared to be a great family.  We need to “get Cynthia out” so healing and restoration can begin.

Healing and restoration for Cynthia’s soul and life, not for our marriage.  Unless The LORD Yeshua tells me to reconcile with Cynthia, I don’t plan to.  Let me tell you why.

Cynthia and I married on October 16, 1988 at True Love Missionary Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We married at her sister Lavonne Ross’ church.  We both believed in King Jesus, but we did not obey Him.  We were disobedient believers.  We drank alcohol.  We smoked marijuana.  Before we married, we lived together in sin.  We were not ashamed.

Cynthia confessed that she was an eastern star before we married.  She was also a delta sigma theta soror. I did not know then that both are not acceptable to Christ.  The eastern stars are affiliated with freemasonry.  They are idolaters and occultists at their core.  They are satan’s servants. Witches and warlocks, magicians and mediums, sorcerers and vodun. Delta Sigma Theta members are connected to the demoness Minerva who is a part of the Roman triad of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

I never intended to forsake other women for Cynthia, before or after marriage.  I did not tell her though.  She probably never intended to forsake other men for me.  My paradigm was to love my wife and family and to have extra-marital sex as needed to satisfy my excessive lust for ladies.  Two months after we married I started the life of adultery.

In late February or early March 1995, Cynthia found a pair of panties in one of our cars.  The panties were not hers.  They were not clean.  She discovered I was an adulterer with out a shadow of a doubt that morning.  She was furious.  She later told me she planned to kill me.  She was in a murderous rage within.

Cynthia left me at that time.  Understandable! She took our three young children and left.  About one week later she came back.  She told me she got saved while away at her brother Roy’s house.  She said she surrendered to Christ and received the baptism of The Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  She shared an amazing testimony with me that day.

She was really laid back as I drove her home.  Her countenance was different in a good sense. She shone.  Nevertheless, I was ill at ease because she was too laid back.  She knew I was a cheat.  While she was away, I was hunting for women.  I was concerned about her lack of anger.

The Lord revealed to me a few days ago, that Cynthia and probably Roy, her partner in crime, devised a gin or snare for me to destroy me.  It was apparently elaborate.  One month after Cynthia returned home, I also surrendered to Christ and received The Baptism of The Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues.

At that time, I was in graduate school at Wayne State University in Detroit and Cynthia worked for Ford Motor Credit in Dearborn, Michigan.  Our youngest daughter was two months old when I got saved in April 1995.  She had a few serious health concerns after birth, so Cynthia asked to quit work and take care of her.  I agreed quickly and dropped out of school.  I allowed Cynthia to resign from work before I found work as a Chemical Engineer.  I would not find gainful employment for one year. In my case, at that time, that was strange.

I earned a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State in 1994 with highest honors.  I was the valedictorian of the African American Convocation at Wayne in the spring of 1994.  I was asked to give a five minute speech which was a disaster from a Christian point of view.  I thanked my mother and wife and then through “God in there somewhere.”  The LORD held me accountable for that.

One year after graduating with the Masters degree, I was seeking work in a good job market for engineers.  I had five years experience in the chemical and oil industries.  I was certain I would find work in a week or two.  Yet I never got a nibble.  I never interviewed with anyone.  Know one wanted me!!  I was dumbfounded.  I searched for work nationally.  Not a nibble.

We got evicted from our home in August 1995 for non payment of rent.  We were faithful to attend church.  We were apparently sincere believers.  We were apparently obedient to Christ for the first time in our lives.  We got evicted.  Cynthia, our three young children and I.

We had nowhere to go. We had fallen out with my family in Detroit because they did not care for Cynthia in those days.  The only option we had was one of brother Roy’s rental properties in Saginaw, Michigan.  We packed up and let Detroit for Saginaw.  Partner in crime Roy Baldwin often bragged that he was unable to rent that particular house to anyone else because God was holding it for us.

We moved to Saginaw in August 1995.  I was unemployed until May, 1996.  During that time I went through spiritual warfare big time. At times, I could not sleep.  I had never struggled with sleep before.  I thought it was the stress of unemployment and having a family to provide for.  It was that and more.  I was under attack by a coven and did not know it. I am not sure who all the coven members were, but I was tossed. King Jesus was with me though.

Finally, in May, 1996 I landed what looked like a great opportunity with Dow Corning in Midland, Michigan.  I landed a six month contract engineering position through TAD Technical Services.  I was elated and felt good about myself again for the first time in 12 months.

I believe I did a great job for Dow Corning, like I was known for with previous employers, but in November 1996, my supervisor called me into his office and told me my services were no longer needed.  I packed my things and left that day.  I was crushed and ashamed to go home to my housewife and three young children.  I was fired shortly before Thanksgiving.  The previous Thanksgiving and Christmas I was also unemployed.  I could not bear the thought of another holiday season unemployed and in need of hand outs.

I was crushed, embarrassed and ashamed.  I was struggling to hold on to my faith.  I was struggling to sleep.

One evening at that time, several of Cynthia’s Saginaw siblings were over our home.  She had two brothers and a sister there.  When they were ready to leave, they said something mysterious to Cynthia.  They said, “It’s time.”  Cynthia replied with an emphatic voice, “No.” She replied no because it was time for me to go to Heaven or to leave my family.  Apparently, she loved me in some sick way.

The spiritual oppression screws were turned up after that.  I could not sleep to save my life.  After a number of days of sleeplessness accompanied by unrelenting spiritual pressure that was riding me, I had to go to the local mental ward to get some sleep.  I spent three days or so in the “nut house” for the first time in my life.  I was completely broken, confused, dismayed,  and dejected. Cynthia told me I had a nervous break down.  I wasn’t nervous though.  I was under attack by freemasons, eastern star and delta sigma theta warlocks and witches.

I felt like King Jesus did not love me.  Somehow, I held on to my faith.  It was because King Jesus witnessed everything Cynthia’s coven was doing to me. King Jesus was setting them up!!!!! HalleluYAHH!!!

I was totally in the dark about what was going on in those days.  I did not have a clue.  Finally, in January 1997, I had enough.  The thought entered my mind to go back to Detroit, my hometown to find work.  I asked Cynthia to go with me.  She said no.  I packed my things, called my brother Emmett.  He arrived and we left.  I packed my six year old son’s belongings to take him with me.  I did not trust that he would be safe there.  Cynthia talked me into leaving him.  I had no way to support him immediately and not place to stay myself, so I left him. I decided to trust Christ to protect Him.  He did.

The LORD Yeshua revealed to me only days ago what happened.  After He set up Cynthia and outed her as a voodoo practitioner or witch who tried to kill me, it has all begun to come clear for me.  Just this morning, King Jesus revealed to me Cynthia is vodun.  Her and her family members, especially the women and her PIC.  Voodoo comes from West Africa.  Cynthia’s ancestors never let it go.  Now is the time to let it go.  Now is the time to slay the dragon of voodoo in her family tree.  The dragon of voodoo does not love Cynthia at all!

There is more to this story.  I will communicate more later.


Pray for me.  The LORD told me this morning, “A storm is coming for you.”  They are planning to lock me up in the mental ward again.  They hope to kill me there or in some other way.  No weapon…..

Pray for my three children who are devastated and don’t yet believe my testimony.  Pray that the magic spell will be broken off their lives.  Pray for all magic spells to be broken off Yahh’s people by The Blood of King Yeshua.

Finally, be compassionate and pray for Cynthia to surrender to Christ before He has to destroy her, some of her loved ones and some of her coven members. Pray for Cynthia to “Get Out!!” Smile.




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