Prepare for The Fall of 2016


July 26, 2016

Prepare for The Fall of 2016

Several “Falls” are coming in America’s future. Melek Yeshua ha Mashiyach ben Yahweh or King Jesus The Christ son of Yahweh has graciously share some of what is about to happen in America. The Falls are coming as follows:

  1. A time of trouble, a time of riots are coming to America this fall 2016. Nine America cities will experience riots this fall. My home town of Detroit, Michigan is one of the cities. The LORD Yeshua informed me that Detroit will have a city wide riot. Other cities include Washington DC, Kirkland, Washington, Glendale, Arizona, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Baltimore, Maryland. I am praying to find out the remaining three cities.

The Fall of 2016 begins on September 22, 2016. The riots will begin on or after this date.

The riots are coming to America because we have not returned to The LORD Yeshua after His many rebukes. His rebukes include:

A. September 11, 2001 when terrorist destroyed the twin towers of The World Trade Center. King Yeshua permitted it because of our rebellion against Him.

B. Two major Stock Market crashes in 2001 and 2008. King Yeshua permitted these crashes because of our rebellion against Him.

C.Numerous marketplace massacres have occurred since 911. In 2014, America suffered one marketplace massacre per month on average. In 2015, we experienced more than one per month. Again King Yeshua permitted these to bring us back to Himself.

What have we done wrong you might ask. America’s many sins against King Yeshua include the following:

A. Three generations or 120 years of PRIDE going back to America’s 25th President William McKinley who was a freemason. Freemason’s worship and serve satan and are exceedingly PROUD! America is proud for allowing them to lead our nation. Study America’s ruling secret societies.

Since President McKinley we have had Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, HarryTruman, Lynden Baines Johnson (EA), Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter (per King Yeshua), George HW Bush (Skull & Bones), George W Bush (Skull & Bones) and Barak H Obama. All of them freemasons or skull & bones. Skull & Bones is “The Order of Death.” If our leaders belong to satan, they will undoubtedly lead us away from Christ.

B. American leaders have largely spearheaded The New World Order (NWO) via prominent Freemasons and Skull & Bones members which we will hereafter refer to as Illuminati. The NWO is satan’s last gasp attempt to overthrow Yahh the Father of King Yeshua our Only Savior. Illuminati has advanced The NWO agenda via The White House, Congress, Supreme Court and Federal Bureaucracy. This is one of America’s gravest sins!!!

C. The establishment of The League of Nations and ultimately The United Nations by Illuminati. The United Nations is “The Fourth Beast” of Daniel chapter 7, Revelations chapters 13 & 17. According to Daniel 7, the eleventh horn or ruler of “The Fourth Beast” will be “The AntiChrist” who is a beast himself. The UN was founded by Freemasons Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill and the genocidal maniac and communist boss Joseph Stalin who was an anti Semite on the order of Adolf Hitler. Stalin was probably worst than Hitler.

D. The “infamous” Separation of Christ from State in 1962 via The US Supreme Court who also gave us Abortion on Demand in 1973 and Homosexual Marriage in 2015. Christ taught His disciples in The Gospel of John 15:5, “…without Me you can do nothing.” Since 1962, America’s government has degenerated into a do nothing government.

The Separation of Christ from State ushered in “The Turbulent Sixties” with four notable assasinations (JFK, RFK, MX, & MLKjr), urban race riots, the occult revolution which included “free love,” orgies, rock’n roll music and psychedelic drugs like Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, better know as LSD. LSD was so deleterious, it was banned in The United States in 1967. We suffered with Charles Manson and Helter Skelter or chaos in the sixties as well.

The occult revolution began with a resurgence of Aliester Crowley’s “Sex Magic” and literature, and the founding of The Church of satan on April 30, 1966 by magician Anton Lavey at The Black House in San Francisco, California. Lavey claimed that 1966 was the first year of the reign of satan. It is ironic that George Washington was inaugurated America’s first president on April 30, 1789. President George Washington reportedly wrote in his memoirs, “If America ever abandons Christ, the nation would fall.” In 1962, America officially abandoned Christ. The beginnings of America’s abandonment of Christ were in William McKinley most likely.

E. Abortion on Demand was sanctified by The US Supreme Court in 1973. Then President Richard Nixon audio-recorded every conversation in his White House. He himself said on tape that “abortion was about the Blacks or African Americans.” Abortion began in the hearts and minds of American eugenicists and rabid racists like Margaret Sanger a generation before it became legal in America. America’s eugenicists reportedly taught Adolf Hitler how to carry out genocide.

Abortion was most likely also necessary to continue America’s occult sexual revolution or the sexual liberation of women. Free love and orgies result in unwanted pregnancies. Prior to 1973, women had to abort their unwanted babies illegally and sometimes in an unhealthy manner. Abortion of Demand solved this problem and set women “free” to disregard The WORD of God concerning sexual behavior.

Abortion on Demand has claimed the life of about sixty million Americans. About twenty million or one-third have been African American even though African American’s are about thirteen percent of the current US population. In some African American communities, about fifty percent of pregnancies end in abortion. Annually about five hundred thousand African Americans die via abortion. This number exceeds all other causes of death combined. Not all the fault of eugenicists, but certainly their delight. Reportedly, the vast majority of abortion clinics are located within minority communities.

F. America’s foreign policy with respect to The Nation of Israel is also a grave sin. The Nation of Israel was founded in May 1947 via a United Nations vote of 33 in favor, 13 against and 10 abstentions. Note here that the number of Scottish Rite Freemason degrees is 33, the number of York Rite Freemason degrees is 13 and the number of horns related to The Fourth Beast in Daniel and Revelations is 10. Recall that The United Nations is The Fourth Beast of Daniel chapter 7 based on The WORD of The LORD Yeshua to me in October 2015. This suggests The UN which came to us via three Freemasons and a communist genocidal maniac, as discussed above, may have had ill intentions when they gave birth to The Nation of Israel. It may be they hoped the Arab States in and around Palestine would finish the job Hitler began. Nevertheless, The King of Israel Yeshua ha Mashiyach ben Yahh had other plans as we can clearly see today. It could be The LORD Yeshua used His enemies, The Illuminati to do His Sovereign will in 1947.

Since 1947, America and The UN have sinned repeatedly against Israel in the matter of land for peace. Yahh gave that land to Abraham, Yizchak (Isaac) and Ya’acob (Jacob) who is also Israel by an everlasting Covenant. Land for peace with the Palestinians is a breach of that covenant.

On September 15, 2016, The UN will reportedly vote on a new resolution drafted by the French and American administrations to divide the land of Israel into two States. The Israelis are to have a state and the Palestinians are to have a state. This is a very serious breach of covenant by the enemies of Messiah Yeshua. The Messiah will not be silent about this if it happens. Let us pray that it will not happen. Five votes are needed, I believe, via The UN Security Council in order to pass this satanic resolution. The United States of America, France, Great Britain, Russia and China are “The Big Five.” The Big Five will undoubtedly trouble the entire world if they divide the land of Israel. If they divide Israel, King Yeshua will probably divide America, France, Great Britain, Russia and China also! Pray about this.

G. Homosexual marriage was made holy or sanctified in June of 2015 by The US Supreme Court. Yet God’s judgment against homosexual sex is death. King Yeshua does not change. This is clear rebellion against Christ’s authority and law.

The Fall of The Modern Christian Church

  1. Next, The Christian Church as we know it is “falling” due to apostasy or compromise. King Yeshua does not change! He does not compromise! Christian compromise is conciliation to satan.  A big no no!! Messiah rules with a rod of iron! Unbend-able iron! He means what He says in The Holy Scriptures, and He said what He meant for us to do. He has prescribed a way of life for all humans, and He is holding all of us accountable on one level or another. Those who know more are judged more severely, and those who know less are judged less severely.

Major sins of The Modern Christian Church are as follows:

A. The Trinity or Triad was forced upon the Christian Church subject to The Roman Empire via Constantine The Great and Theodosius The Great in 325 AD and 381 AD respectively. Neither man knew anything about Yahh, Christ or Christianity. The Trinity doctrine came to The Church via a political decree for political expediency.

The Holy Scriptures clearly teach that Yahh is ONE MASTER or person, not more than one. He is Elohim or The Very Great El (God). Elohim is plural, but in reference to Yahweh it is plural intensive implying GREATEST not multiplicity.

B. The “Vain Christian Church” or religious Christian Church that has a form of Godliness but denies the power thereof, which is to say, they reject The Holy Spirit. The Holy Scriptures say in Romans 8:9 that if a person does not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them, they don’t belong to Christ. Today, many believers in Christ are taught they don’t need His indwelling Holy Spirit or they mistakenly believe they received it as soon as they believed. While some do receive “the baptism of The Holy Spirit” when they first believe in Christ, I will dare to say that most do not. Members of “The Vain Christian Church” are trapped in carnality because they have not The Holy Spirit living inside of them. This Church is falling.  The carnal mind and Christian cannot please Yahh, because the carnal mind is hostile to Yahh (Romans 8).

C. The “Apostate Christian Church” is also falling. This “Christian Church” is in rebellion to Christ and The Holy Scriptures due to permissiveness. This Church arrogantly permits what Christ clearly forbids.

Things like:

  1. Actively homosexual clergy

  2. Female overseers and clergy

   III. Homosexual marriage for the Congregation of The LORD Yeshua

  IV. Abortion for The LORD’s people

  V. Immoral lifestyles for the Congregation of The LORD

The Apostate Church is The Immoral Church. It is the Revolted Church. It is the Secular Church. It is satan’s church. This church is falling in our time in America because Christ has arisen to judgment. Judgment always begins with Yahh’s house first.

Finally, “The Occult Christian Church” is falling in our time. The Voodoo Pentecostal Church and The Voodoo Non-Pentecostal Church or The Freemason Christian Church is falling! King Yeshua is a jealous God. He will not share His people with satan or lesser demons. We must come ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE WORLD SYSTEM or Babylon (confusion) which rules via witchcraft, in order to have fellowship with Christ!!! There is absolutely no other way!!!!!

The fall of these rebellious “Churches” will involve the cutting off of the thorns and briers of Isaiah chapter 9. Thorns and briers are influential people or their followers who lead Yahh’s people astray. There will be death’s of incorrigible leaders and influential members of the congregations. The falling churches will lose favor with King Yeshua’s elect and precious saints as Christ’s judgments are executed.


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