America, King Jesus has released our nation from the covering of His protection!

America, I am Prophet, Pastor & Teacher Steve Ashford of the humble city of Detroit, Michigan. I have been a born again Christian almost 20 years now.  Years ago, I received a WORD from The Lord Jesus which said He was going to use me like the prophets of old.  I was elated, but I did not understand the price that had to be paid for this great calling and anointing.  Nevertheless, it is worth every affliction. To know King Jesus on this level is very precious.

On January 20, 2015, the day President Obama gave his sixth state of the Union address, the Lord Jesus spoke eight separate times to me.  An unusual day.  He said the following in the given order:

1. I Release You

2. Stand Up to Cancer (Spirit of Pride)

3. Covenant

4. Covenant

5. I Release You

6. Covenant

7. Covenant

8. Restore the Relationship (between America & Israel) (between America & King Jesus)

I thought these statements all referred to my personal life.  The Lord commanded me to stay home the preceding six consecutive weeks in prayer and meditation in the Holy Scriptures.  I thought He was telling me to get back to the work of the ministry.  Also, my wife and I have a relationship in need of restoration.  We have a marriage covenant going back over 26 years.  I don’t have cancer and no one I know does either.  I thought the Lord was about to anoint me in a special way to heal all forms of cancer.

Today, February 4, 2015 I was home in prayer and meditation.  I decided to read a book afterward.  I chose to continue reading Pastor and Prophet Jonathan Cahn’s book entitled “The Mystery of the Shemitah.”  As you may know, God commanded the nation of Israel to observe a Sabbath years rest of the land they farmed every seventh year. The seventh year was called the Shemitah.  In summary, during and at the conclusion of the year of Shemitah, the people where to seek the presence of God and enjoy one another’s company.  They were forbidden to work.  Slaves were set free if they desired freedom and all debts were cancelled at the conclusion of the year.

I continued reading with the 19th Chapter, entitled The Mystery of the Towers. Pastor Cahn explains how towers represent the strength, majesty, greatness, and power of a nation in addition to the pride and arrogance of that nation.  The greatest nations often have the tallest towers.  The greatest nations also often have a struggle with the spirit of pride and arrogance.

Pastor Cahn also explained the root of the word Shemitah.  The root Word for Shemitah is the word Shamat.  The book explains Shamat as follows:

“Shamat can be translated as “to release” and “to remit” as in the release or remission of debts in the Year of the Shemitah.  It can also mean “to let alone,” as in no longer watching over or maintaining that which had been watched over or maintained.  It can signify the releasing of one’s grip to allow the natural course of things to progress and the natural consequences to fall. It can also mean “to detach” and “to pull away.”  It can also mean “to loosen.”  And it can mean “to shake,” “to overthrow,” “to cast down,” “to discontinue,” “to let fall,” or “collapse.”

Why is Shamat significant to this discussion?  Because, The Holy Spirit revealed to me as I read this information, God was talking to me personally, but He was also speaking of His relationship with America.  I was released to get back to the work of the ministry.  I was commanded as an old testament prophet to stand up to sin in America which eats away at the fabric of our society like cancer.  I was commanded to restore my relationship with my covenant wife.  In addition, The Lord Jesus told me that He has released America from the covering of His Divine protection on January 20, 2015.  As you may recall, President Obama gave his sixth state of Union address at 9 pm EST on January 20, 2015.  No coincidence.  Recall that President Obama postponed this speak a number of days because he was visiting India.

Note that a Shemitah year began on September 25, 2014 and will end on September 13, 2015.  The Shemitah is a blessing when a nation walks uprightly with God.  The Shemitah ushers in judgment when a nation that once knew God forsakes Him.

We all know that America was founded by God fearing men who based our constitution, bill of rights and government structure on biblical principles and after the organization of Israel’s government.  We all know our founding fathers dedicated America to God from the very outset.  We also know that America’s government and many of her citizens have utterly forsaken God in our generation.

Even though America is not the nation of Israel, America’s founding fathers dedicated our nation to God at ground zero in New York City, our former national capital.  God responded by greatly blessing America.  Our blessing have caused us to get lifted up in pride and we have sinned by forgetting God and removing Him from our public and private lives.  As a result I believe the following to be true effective immediately:

1. The LORD Jesus, who has all power in Heaven and Earth has released America or “let go” of His Divine protective covering over America.

2.  If America’s leaders and people repent or change their ways and return to the ways God prescribes for mankind, God with restore our relationship with Himself and will again prosper and protect our nation from all evil.

3.  American leaders must restore our relationship with the nation of Israel to become one that honors, supports, strengthens and continually loves Israel.

Why would God release America from His Divine loving protective covering?  I offer a few reasons:

1. On June 25, 1962 the United States Supreme Court decided in Engel v. Vitale that a prayer approved by the New York Board of regents for use in schools violated the First Amendment by constituting an establishment of religion.  Thus prayer, Christian education and the Holy Bible were removed from the public education landscape.

2. On January 22, 1973 America legalized abortion through Roe v. Wade.  Approximately 60 million babies have been aborted in America since then.

3. President Nixon was caught on tape saying that legalized abortion was about controlling the African- American population.  I have personally seen the video.

4. In 1970 the gay agenda began to use a civil rights strategy to advance their cause.  in 1993 the Supreme Court of the State of Hawaii ruled in Baehr v. Levin that refusing to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples was discriminatory under the State’s Constitution. Hawaii’s State Legislature went on to Amend their State’s Constitution to prevent same sex marriages.

5. Then on September 11, 2001 America suffered the worst attack on our mainland in our nations history.  As you know, two 767 airplanes intentionally flew into the World Trade Center north and south Towers.  Recall how towers are a sign of a nations, strength, majesty, power, glory, pride and arrogance.


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