Freemasons at it again! Eastern Stars too!

Earlier today two aircraft flew over my apartment building laying down a smoke trail. The trail made a huge X in the sky. The X is a witchcraft symbol used by the free or more appropriately boundmasons. I am not impressed with devil worshipers.  I started to take a picture of the X, but I didn’t.

Then The Lord Jesus said to me the bound eastern star Sandra who works in the front office of Harbortown, was planning to evict me from my Luxury Apartment on Christmas Day for past due rent. I owe about $2500 and they have $1920.

Sandra also took me to court without notifying me in early December.  I was in Houston Texas preaching the everlasting Gospel of King Jesus on the court date.  When I got home a week later, the notice and court decision was under my door. I was never notified.

Sandra is a liar. She has broken her word to me three times.  Then this.

May The Lord forgive Sandra for her wickedness and for worshiping satan.


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