Christian youth executed in Oregon, USA. President and Media silent about the true nature of the crime.

You wouldn’t know it from listening to President Obama’s speech, but the students who were killed in yesterday’s shooting in Oregon were specifically executed for their Christian faith. It’s time to Stand Up. Please see below for details about what you can do. –Steve

Friday afternoon:


What happened yesterday at a community college in Oregon was horrific — another example of our nation’s moral bankruptcy.

But it took only a few hours for President Obama to politicize the killings by calling for new gun-control legislation.

Perhaps even more revealing was what the President didn’t say about the shooting…

It was as if Obama had not been briefed in any way as to what actually happened when the shooter went into the classroom and starting picking out victims for his rampage. Shortly after news of the mass murder broke, it was widely reported that the killer specifically and systematically targeted Christians for execution.

+ + “Because you are a Christian…” and then he shot them.

Here is how the father of one student shot in the rampage described the scene to CNN:

“[The shooter started] asking people one by one what their religion was. ‘Are you a Christian?’ he would ask them. ‘If you’re a Christian, stand up.’ And they would stand up. And he said, ‘Good. Because you are a Christian, you’re going to see God in about one second.’ And then, he shot and killed them. And then, he kept going down the line doing this to people.”

It didn’t take long to learn more on the background of the shooter. Reportedly, on an online dating site, he identified himself as “not religious, but spiritual” and was seeking a “pagan” or “Wiccan.” The evidence is clear: This shooting was a very specific example of extreme anti-Christian bigotry and hatred. Christians were specifically signaled out and targeted for execution.

Yet America’s “Commander-in-Chief” said nothing of the shooter’s clear anti-Christian hatred.

Imagine if someone had specifically targeted Muslims or homosexuals or illegal aliens or some other preferred group of the Obama administration. The uproar from the President and Team Left would have been deafening! Instead, there was only deafening silence from Obama on the execution of Christians amidst his gun-control platitudes.

+ + On a mission to kill Christians!

Stephen, there is no denying that this shooter was on a mission to kill Christians in a culture that is growing more and more openly hostile to Christianity by the day. This is precisely why, for months, Grassfire has been calling on people of faith to STAND UP and be counted in a move of solidarity against the rising tide of anti-Christian bigotry.

Today, I’m asking you to join with nearly 50,000 citizens who have taken a stand on behalf of Christians who are coming under attack. Simply click here or on the “Stand Up” image to join the STAND UP team!

Sadly, our President will not stand up for Christians. He could have spoken out against anti-Christian bigotry, discrimination and attacks because those attacks fuel the climate of hatred that inspires crazed people like the Oregon killer. Instead, Mr. Obama chose to politicize the issue rather than call it what it was — an execution of Christians.

That’s why you and I must stand!

The attacks are getting worse. Kim Davis went to jail for her faith. Now, a crazed killer has gone into a classroom and specifically called out and executed Christians.

If we do not stand up, these attacks will not stop.

Thanks for taking action.

Steve Elliott


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