Beloved, connect and watch another FREE LIVE CHRISTIAN WEBCAST entitled, “The Righteousness of God!” Part 3

Today we delivered part 3 of “The Righteousness of God!” Our Great God and Savior is exceedingly righteous and holy. We cannot attain to His great righteousness. He has always known this. He in His great love and graciousness has made a way for us to achieve total and complete righteousness in His sight. Living by Faith in Jesus Christ and every WORD that proceeds from His mouth! The just(ified) shall live by faith! (Romans 1:17) This is the righteousness of God in several ways. In His righteousness, God refused to condemn all humanity to the Lake of Fire because Adam ate the forbidden fruit. He made a way out for all who would BELIEVE. Secondly, God did not make it exceedingly difficult for people to be saved. He simply requires us to believe in Him and His holy WORD.

Beloved, connect and watch the video of today’s message and be built up in your most holy and priceless faith.

It’s Still VICTORY!
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