Thus says The Lord Jesus!

Quick question for all of you with sons, nephews, etc.

What would your sons or nephews have to do in order for you to be mad enough at them to decide to turn them into women?

Everyone I have asked this question says unequivocally “There is nothing they could do that would make me want to emasculate them.”

Therefore hear what the Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ says,

“Are you who are evil in comparison to Me more loving, compassionate,  forgiving, forbearing, patient, gentle, kind than I. “Am I wicked? Do I emasculate my own sons? Aren’t all sons Mine? Do I change?

Doesn’t My Word say “What I do or purpose, I do forever?”  Doesn’t My Word say “The gifts and calling of God are given without repentance?” When I create a man I intend for him to abide a man forever. If I call a man to be a man before me I will not change my mind about it for I Am God and I change not.”

Some of you say, “God allows satan  to emasculate meek men.”  Do I allow it says The Sovereign Lord? Don’t you allow it? Didn’t I restore dominion to you who believe in Me over satan? Didn’t I give you power and authority over all the power of the devil? Isn’t My Holy Spirit within you greater than all evil spirits that are against you? Is there a valid reason to fear the devil? Haven’t I given you everything that pertains to life and godliness? You have allowed it, and you have facilitated it says The Lord.

Therefore I Am Standing Up to you and satan at this time because I am tired of the devil beating My children. Since you do not know right from wrong, and since you have not known Me or My Word which are read every week in your churches,  My own Arm will bring salvation to the meek men of the earth for I have told you not to resist an evil person  but to turn the other cheek. I have told you that all vengeance belongs to Me. I have told you to bless only and curse not. I have told you to be as harmless as doves. I have told you love does not harm to its’ neighbor.

Pride and fear have seduced you into serving the devil in this thing. Pride and fear.  Your tradition has made My Word of none effect in your lives. Therefore the rain has been withheld and your hearts fret against Me.

Repent and trust Me with your manhood seeing it is easier to save your manhood than to save  your eternal souls. Trust Me with all your hearts.

Your attempts to save yourselves are of the flesh and no flesh shall glory in My presence.  I have said the salvation of the righteous is of Me and Me alone. I Am your Savior.  I have said that I would never leave you or forsake you. I have said that I am your Shield and your exceedingly great reward. I have said that No Weapon formed against you shall prosper and no evil shall befall you.

When I judge you, I punish you so that you will not be condemned with the world. I will not punish you unto spiritual death or damnation because your names are engraved on the palms of My hands. You all are the objects of My enduring affection.

I have said that I would crush satan under your feet shortly. I have said the rod of the wicked would not rest upon the righteous lest you sin against Me. Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Remember Daniel. Remember My servant David and be no more unbelieving!

Prophet, Pastor & Teacher Steve Ashford aka Lightning


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