The loss of moral authority!

I am saddened by the breakdown of moral authority the police in Baltimore should have. Nationwide lynchings of black boys and men are the cause. Rioting and looting are wrong and will not help. Nevertheless, like the riots in the sixties, sad to say, the powers that be will have to address the grievances of the people who have a legitimate concern.

Peaceful unrelenting protest is the way to Stand Up to these lynchings.

I will be 52 years old in August and I can’t recall police running from their responsibility.  They had to turn their backs because they know they are wrong for how they are terrorizing African American men. They must STOP killing our men and Boys NOW.

I am praying for peaceful persistent protest! Stop the violence on both sides. The wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God! James 1:20

Pastor Steve Ashford aka Lightning


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