If Yahweh withdrew from Israel and Judah, He will withdraw from America.

Hosea 5

1 Hear ye this––O priests, and attend, O house of Israel, and ye, House of the King, give ear, for, to you, pertaineth the sentence,––for, a snare, have ye been to Mizpah, and a net spread on Tabor.

2 And, a slaughter, have apostates deeply designed,––though, I, was a rebuker to them all.

3 I, have known Ephraim, and, Israel, hath not been hidden from me,––for, now, hast thou committed unchastity, O Ephraim, Israel, hath made himself impure.

4 Their doings, will not suffer, them to return unto their God,––for, the spirit of unchastity, is within them, and, Yahweh, have they not known.

5 Therefore will the Excellency of Israel, answer, to his face,––and, Israel and Ephraim, shall stumble in their iniquity, even Judah with them, hath stumbled.

6 With their flocks and with their herds, will they go to seek Yahweh, but shall not find him; he hath withdrawn himself from them.

The Lord spoke to me in August 2014 and told me The Church has deteriorated to becoming “Blind leaders of the blind.” Blindness is a result of willful disobedience and is the fault of the blind. Traditions of men have made The WORD of God of none effect in the lives of God’s people.

The Church is America’s only hope. If we have lost our savor before the Lord, America may bottom out. God is very gracious but He does have limits. Israel is a great example for us. God hid His face from Israel for a season without forgetting His covenant with Abraham,  Isaac and Israel (Jacob ).  God will and has withdrawn from us hopefully for only a short season. Nevertheless He will remember the covenant He made with George Washington.  He will be merciful to us when the fire of rebuke subsides.


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