Is it War in the Middle East or just Manipulation in Washington or Both?

The CBS Evening News reported on April 22, 2015 that the White House revealed to the world Iran may have enough nuclear material for a bomb in two or three months. Startling news to me. The President told the media the White House has known about this timing for some time now.

Is the President telling the truth or is he manipulating the public so he can get his Iranian nuclear deal approved by Congress?

If Israel or certain other Middle Eastern nations believe the reported timing, short term or long term war will likely result. Public opinion will most likely be against Israel but who in their right mind would blame Israel for preemptive strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iranian leaders have consistently vowed to annihilate the nation of Israel for many years. Of course Iran is on high alert right now. The White House has placed Israel and Iran in a tight spot.

If the revealed timing is inaccurate, it is very irresponsible and may still lead to war or at least preemptive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities by Israel and/or other Middle Eastern nations.

If The White House is manipulating to get a nuclear deal, this is the height of folly because Iran is very near to having a bomb and can’t be trusted to keep to any nuclear deal.  It also reveals that not only is Iran untrustworthy but so is The White House who may have allowed one of America’s bitter enemies to get the bomb. If The White House hates Israel as I suspect they do, this hatred has also jeopardized our Homeland as well. Talk about biting your nose off because you hate your face.

Let us pray, pray, pray!

Pastor Steve Ashford aka Lightning


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