Does King JESUS CHRIST reign of does satan reign? Choose who you will serve!

During the Spring or Summer of 1996, I took my wife and three young children to the park. We had a great time that day. Something amazing happened that day. I heard an audible voice say, “If he doesn’t give in we will kill him.”  My family and I were the only people in the area, so the word was for me.  Give in? Give in to what? I did not have a clue. I asked my wife if she heard the voice. She said no.

Today I know what the devil was threatening my life about. He was saying, if he doesn’t stand up and come out of the societal box to prove his manhood (in reality it is about bowing to satanic law, culture and dominance) we (devils) will kill him.

Well beloved, The Lord Jesus Christ commanded me not to submit to this satanic requirement.  I have and will continue to obey King Jesus because He Reigns over Heaven and Earth. Nevertheless the devil and his crew, including his human army have tried to kill me at least four times now. King JESUS delivers me every time. I am very grateful to Him. This battle is His not mine.

Choose TODAY whom you are going to serve. I highly recommend King Jesus Christ!  He alone reigns over all! He has all power in His hands. If you find out that you can’t beat Him you had better quickly join Him!

Walking in VICTORY because of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Steve Ashford


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