Will The LORD Jesus Christ allow the devil to emasculate His sons? No!

I am sharing a message I taught on Livestream.com  on January 31, 2015. Everyone in the world knows that a man must Stand Up and Come Out to prove He is a man.  He must stand up and come out.  Many also know that unless a man submits to this unwritten ordinance he will become an emasculated homosexual at age 51 or so. If a man fails to submit to this unwritten ordinance people say the man is a latent homosexual to cover the truth. The issue in my message is, is God the author of this unwritten ordinance or is satan.  My testimony and revelation from God Himself is, satan is the author of this wicked device.

The next issue is, should God’s people submit to and enforce an ordinance of satan? Of course not!  

The linked video is long (~1 hour 50 minutes).  I make eighteen points in the video. Watch it all at once or more than once, but watch it!  It is time for judgment to begin at the house of God.  In Christ’s day, half or more of Israel rejected Him and His vicarious death on the cross.  Today it will probably be the same, so this message is not just for the church.  Am I Christ? No, but an abundant measure of Christ’s Spirit lives inside of me! Share it with your family and friends if you find it worthy.

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