Watch the video of Today’s LIVESTREAM message from Pastor Steve Ashford, NOW!

Pastor Steve Ashford continued LIVE with part 4 of Job’s Righteousness today.  As you know, God’s grace has given us the gift of righteousness if we have placed our faith in the vicarious death of the sinless Saviour Jesus the Christ.  Our faith in the blood Jesus shed on the Cross has saved us by God’s grace and as a result we have been declared righteous in God’s eyes.  Nevertheless, God still expects us to live righteous, godly, and holy lives during our time on this earth.  Righteous living does not by itself save us, but it does glorify God if we have placed our faith in the blood of Jesus.  Job is a shining example of how to live a righteous life.  Job is a man of like passions as we are.  He grew to a place of righteousness in God’s eyes that God said he was perfect and upright, a man that feared God and turned away from all evil.  We need to understand Job’s Righteousness. To watch the video of today’s teaching click here!

Livestream Image 12


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