The Awakening is Coming to Detroit, Michigan in the month of Adar 20??

Steve Ashford's Blog

Get Ready! Get Ready! Our prayers are being heard and answered in a more excellent way than we can imagine!
This afternoon the Lord Yeshua released me to share a prophetic WORD He gave me earlier this week. He told me “The Awakening” is coming to Detroit in the month of Adar. He did not tell me what year yet. If and when He tells me the year, I will let you all know.Adar is the last month of the Hebrew calendar and does not correspond to our last month of December. In 2015, Adar occurs at the end of February and in March. Again, I don’t know what year “The Awakening” will begin.

An Awakening is a Holy Ghost inspired Revival that can last for a generation or longer. I am very excited about this WORD from the LORD Yeshua ha Masiach. Get Ready, Get Ready!

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