Canonization of Pope John Paul II

A young lady named Angelica Zambranos died and was taken on a tour of heaven and hell. (Google her name to see the video.) Then the Lord Jesus sent her spirit back into her body 21 hours later and she lives to this day. When she was in hell she said she saw notable people like Pope John Paul II and Michael Jackson.  When she was in Heaven the Lord told her that Mary the mother of Jesus did not know sbout anything going on in the earth.  Therefore those who pray to her are praying in vain.

I share this today because Pope John Paul II will be canonized tomorrow.   This is a very sad event for untold millions of people in the earth. Pope John Paul II knew the truth of the Gospel but he suppressed the truth in unrighteousness.  He spearheaded the one world religion which includes Occultists and paganist. His sin was very great. He also failed to address pedophiles in his organization.  These facts are not lost on Pope Francis!! The bible says we will know false prophets by there fruits. Pope Francis’ bad fruit is mounting up to heaven!


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